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What to do - and what not to do - to deal with low back pain


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All current practicing ISCP members that are also CORU registered receive as a member benefit a bespoke and exclusive Fitness to Practice Legal Expenses Insurance Policy negotiated by the ISCP for Practicing  Members.

A copy of the members policy summary and also a summary of the policy benefits is attached below

Please read carefully and keep on file for your records and use in the event of a complaint being made against you to CORU.


A huge factor that leads to gym injuries is poor technique during an exercise


PART 3 - Documents


Part 3 will cover the other documents that you will need in order to register with CORU.

Information on International Police Clearance and Garda Vetting are covered in Parts 1 and 2 – check these if you have not already done so


 CORU will not return documents so you need to submit photocopies of the original documents – see Step 3 below for details.

Step 1 Gather all the documents NOW

Step 2Photocopy the originals NOW


Registration Part 2 - Garda Vetting


What is Garda Vetting?

Garda Vetting is National Police Clearance

It is an official letter of criminal clearance issued by the Gardaí



Registration with CORU – Part 1 - International Police Clearance

*Updated 16/02/18

 What do I need to do before I register?

You need to have evidence of some documentation in advance of registering.

Start a Registration Folder

CORU only accepts hard copy documents so you will not be able to upload documents online or email attachments – so get a folder and start collecting!

CORU will NOT return any documents which means you will need to submit certified copies of the originals.


Back pain is one of the main reasons why people take time off work but we now know that staying off work is unhelpful for back pain

Legislation comes into effect!



HSCP (Amendment) Bill 2017 – Members Update

It is anticipated that the final two Dáil stages of the legislation will take place next week commencing November 13th. The Bill will then proceed to the Seanad Stage.


Growing numbers of young men who must sit in front of work computers every day are developing difficulties in their pelvis which can lead to problems in the bedroom, a conference was told yesterday....

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