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Physiotherapy in the News


The aim of the Mater Private physiotherapy team is to help patients reach their maximum potential for their physical needs and abilities.

Evolution led us down a complicated road as our distant ancestors travelled on all fours for millions of years, then abruptly (in evolutionary terms) stood up on their back legs and adopted an upright posture.... 


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As Ireland forges its supersized-way to becoming Europe’s fattest nation by 2030, the need for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is being justifiably flagged by health professionals far and wide, but what of the dangers of over-exercise?


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Acute dizziness may signal a vestibular disorder which can be treated effectively

Ask anyone who has ever suffered an attack of vertigo and they will all stress the same point: it is, albeit momentarily, one of the most disconcerting sensations you are ever likely to experience...

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Beats Medical’s Ciara Clancy has been awarded the accolade of Ireland’s best young entrepreneur at a Google event.

Ciara Clancy, the woman behind Beats Medical, has added to her mass collection of accolades with the title of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE).

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The professional body representing physiotherapists has told its 3,300 members not to register with the State regulator in a row over legal recognition of titles. The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists says new arrangements for registering the profession have the potential to allow anyone who has called themselves a physical therapist or a physiotherapist to gain access to the register, regardless of qualification.

It's never too early to introduce physical activity to children according to Chartered Physiotherapists in Paediatrics (CPP)

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Speakers at the recent annual conference of the Ergonomics Society addressed a range of topics – some cross-sectoral and others industry-specific – including MSDs and RSI injuries, user-centred design, the impact of machines and the effect on employees of surveillance at work.

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The Societys physical activity campaign hits the news today in the Irish Daily Mirror.

A new campaign is urging parents to keep their children active for at least 60 minutes a day during the Summer months. Research claims that one in five youngsters in Ireland are meeting the recommended guidelines for physical activity.

Whether you are a runner, a jogger or a walker, physiotherapist Helen French has some expert advice to keep you in tip-top form following today's race.

You have made it. You have put in weeks, if not months of training and now finally the day we have all been waiting for has arrived; the Vhi Women's Mini Marathon is upon us. Here's some tips for before and after today's race.

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