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Difference between a chartered physiotherapist and a physical therapist It could be asked, “are all ‘physios’ the same”? Unfortunately the answer is no.There are currently therapists practicing in Ireland in many different settings including sports and leisure using the term “physiotherapists”/ “physio”/”physical therapist” but who have not completed the required courses recognised by the only governing body in the Republic of Ireland called the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

The Irish Independent - 10th March 2016

BONES & JOINTS A physiotherapist can work with a patient to decide on the most appropriate management for acute and long-term bone and joint pain — or help people who simply want advice about getting active.

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The Irish Independent - 9th February 2016

More Irish people are taking to the ski slopes - but too often return home with an injury.

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The Irish Times Health - 5th January 2016

Women who experience pain during intercourse find it difficult to talk about

Maeve Whelan, a chartered physiotherapist based in Dublin, works with women of all ages who, like Claire, suffer from painful sex. She says women who continue to ignore the pain and push through will only experience more severe pain and discomfort.

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The Irish Medical Times Health – 3rd February 2016

The Irish Times Health Plus - 15th December 2015

In 110 countries 'Physiotherapist' is the synonymous with 'Physical Therapist' but not in Ireland. The Irish Times talks about the importance of the decision the Minister for Heath is making before the end of the year.

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Irish Independent - 13th October 2015

The majority of teenagers are not meeting the recommended hour of physical activity each day, according to the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists.

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Irish Times - 8th September 2015

Physiotherapy is about working with patients to find the solution that best suits them.

Irish Times – 8th September 2015

Opinion: Physiotherapy services should be at the centre of policy development

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Irish Times - 8th September 2015

Exercise should be promoted for its own sake as empowering, enjoyable and great for psychological health and not just something obese people should do.