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Win a €500 Bursary for your idea for World Physiotherapy Day


World Physiotherapy Day (WPD) is on September 8th, and once again the ISCP is at the forefront of promotion of this important day for Physiotherapy. This year’s theme will be Physical Activity for Life. Focus will be placed on the need for healthy adults to be physically active throughout their lifespan, and the role of physiotherapists to keep people moving.



The aim of the Mater Private physiotherapy team is to help patients reach their maximum potential for their physical needs and abilities.

Evolution led us down a complicated road as our distant ancestors travelled on all fours for millions of years, then abruptly (in evolutionary terms) stood up on their back legs and adopted an upright posture.... 


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As Ireland forges its supersized-way to becoming Europe’s fattest nation by 2030, the need for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week is being justifiably flagged by health professionals far and wide, but what of the dangers of over-exercise?


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Acute dizziness may signal a vestibular disorder which can be treated effectively

Ask anyone who has ever suffered an attack of vertigo and they will all stress the same point: it is, albeit momentarily, one of the most disconcerting sensations you are ever likely to experience...

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Beats Medical’s Ciara Clancy has been awarded the accolade of Ireland’s best young entrepreneur at a Google event.

Ciara Clancy, the woman behind Beats Medical, has added to her mass collection of accolades with the title of Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur (IBYE).

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Despite the advice to members not to currently register with the Physiotherapists Registration Board, the Society recognises that some members will have no option but to register in the interim. These will include current final year physiotherapy students graduating in summer 2017, physiotherapists that have graduated outside of the Republic of Ireland that need to have their qualifications recognised by CORU, and a small number of current members who need to be registered to avail of new job offers.


Wednesday, 22nd February 2017 at 7pm

Thomas Davis Lecture Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin


The ISCP and Trinity College Dublin will host the The Paul Wagstaff Commemorative Lecture

‘Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain: The Case for Physiotherapy.’

The ISCP is currently reviewing its staff roles and functions and wishes to recruit a Communications Assistant on a full –time six months fixed term contract while this review is ongoing.

The Society has launched a social media video campaign to promote the benefits to physiotherapy and physical activity. The video shows Mojo, the border-collie teaching his family who suffer with physical challenges how to get their mojo back through physiotherapy and exercise.

The video was created by the Australian Physiotherapy Association who has given the ISCP permission to use the video to promote physiotherapy in Ireland.

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Issues to be addressed:
  • Draft legislation to provide for the protection of the title of physical therapist in the same register as physiotherapist to be published and introduced to Oireachtas.
  • The potential inclusion in the register of current physical therapists whose qualifications are below IPTAS or equivalent level (level 7).
  • Details of Assessment of Professional Competence to be set by CORU .