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Fascial Manipulation ® Level I

Fascial Manipulation ® Level I

  • 23 Feb, 2018 to 25 Feb, 2018
  • 27 Apr, 2018 to 29 Apr, 2018
  • 09:00 - 18:00
  • 6 days
National Training Centre
15-16 St Joseph's Parade, Dorset Street

Presenter Name

Dr Antonio Stecco

Target Participant Level


Speciality Tag

Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Sports Medicine

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Cost to Attend

1050.00 (Standard)
10% discount
( ISCP Member )
10% discount
(ISCP Student Member )
( CIG/EG/Branch Member )

Learning Objectives

The primary objective is to develop an understanding of the Centers of Coordination (CC) that are responsible for the normal function of related monoarticular and biarticular muscles. By the end of the course, clinicians will: 

  • Learn anatomy and physiology of the fascial system
  • Learn how to evaluate myofascial planes: upper and lower extremities, spine
  • Determine functional testing of areas of complaint. 
  • Develop skill and understanding to assess abnormal functional findings with fascial points of involvement to restore normal function

Event Description

The Fascial Manipulation® Certification Program is an intensive hands-on series taught by Dr. Antonio Stecco and Francesco Pacenza. It combines theoretical lectures, demonstrations, and practicals throughout each course day.

Participants will learn to evaluate musculoskeletal dysfunctions with specific reference to the human fascial system, and to apply the Fascial Manipulation® method as created by Luigi Stecco, PT. Lectures include the anatomy and physiology of the fascial system, an explanation of the biomechanical model used in application of this technique, and the anatomical localisation of key fascial points. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions (from history taking, to a hypothesis, to a verification and treatment) together with a methodology and strategy for treatment.

The complete programme consists of two levels: Level 1 Fascial Manipulation®  and Level 2 Fascial Manipulation®. Successful completion of Level 1 is required before attending Level 2. Candidates will be required to complete a multiple choice theory exam at the end of each level. 

Fascial Manipulation® Level I
The Level I Fascial Manipulation® course consists of two three-day courses that need to be taken together to assure a good understanding of the underlying biomechanical rationale and for mastery of the techniques. The course will include the following:

  • basic principles of Fascial Manipulation®, including an introduction to fascial anatomy, and the biomechanical model employed in this method
  • the myofascial units that form the myofascial sequences of the upper limbs, trunk, and the lower limbs in the sagittal and frontal planes will be presented
  • the Assessment Chart used in Fascial Manipulation® will be reviewed in detail
  • physiology of the fascial system and the assessment and treatment of the myofascial units for the upper limbs, trunk, and the lower limbs in the horizontal plane. 
  • on completion of the second weekend all participants will be capable of utilising the Assessment Chart for a 3D examination of the human fascial system
  • proficiency in the comparative examination of Centers of Coordination will be stressed, as well as streamlining of treatment strategies
  • multiple choice theory examination to appraise the level of understanding and skill level

Presenter Profile

Dr. Antonio Stecco, MD, PhD is a Clinical Instructor at Rusk Rehabilitation, New York University, a Specialist in Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, President of Fascial Manipulation Association and a member of the International Society of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (ISPRM).

Dr. Stecco's scientific activity is devoted to the study the human fasciae from a macroscopically, histologically and physio-pathologically point of view. He has personally completed over 100 cadaver dissections for research. Since 2007 he has organised and personally held theoretical-practical courses about the Fascial Manipulation ®/STECCO® method in every continent around the world. He is the author of more than 40 papers about fascia. He is also the Co-Authors of three books and different chapters of international books published by Elsevier.

Cost to Attend

Early bird - €875.00 for registrations received on or before Thursday November 30th 2017. 
Standard cost - €1,050.00.

If you book Level I and Level II together you will receive an additional 10% discount off the early bird or standard course fee depending on when you book.  Both courses must be booked and paid for at the same time.

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