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Sport Related Low Back Pain - Phil Glasgow

Sport Related Low Back Pain - Phil Glasgow

  • 24 Mar, 2018 to 25 Mar, 2018
  • 9am-5pm
Treacy's West County Hotel

Presenter Name

Phil Glasgow
Head of Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy at the IRFU.

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Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine

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€325 (Standard)
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Learning Objectives

Course Aims:

  1. To provide participants with the clinical reasoning skills necessary to provide optimal care to sports people with low back pain
  2. To provide participants with a comprehensive assessment framework for sport-related LBP and its relationship to specific sporting activities
  3. To provide enhanced understanding of innovative management strategies for sport-related LBP including manual therapy, exercise and rehabilitation·        
  4. To enable physiotherapists to critically evaluate the response of patients to LBP and to develop effective late-stage rehabilitation strategies

Specific areas covered include:

  1. Low back pain and sport: contributing factors and their relationship to pain & dysfunction
  2. The role of the spine in sports performance: Whole body integration, the role of the hip, torso-pelvic (de)coupling and keeping tension in the system
  3. Practical assessment of movement quality and control 
  4. Practical treatment techniques to enhance movement quality and control: Manual therapy and exercise interventions

Event Description

This highly practical two-day course will enable participants to enhance their assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills in the management of sport-related low back pain. Course participants will learn about pathomechanics of spinal function and its role in high-speed activities such as running, kicking and throwing. Participants will improve their understanding of how sub-optimal loading and dysfunctional movements contribute to the development and perpetuation of pain. The importance of tissue capacity and its relationship to sports performance will be discussed and practical implications will also be considered.

Low back pain in sport will be discussed and a sport specific approach to assessment will be taught to improve physical examination and diagnostic skills.  Sport specific treatment techniques to address specific dysfunctions will be taught. This will include manual techniques for both the joints and the muscle-tendon unit as well as exercise interventions. This course will provide participants will the skills necessary to retrain appropriate movement patterns, enhance energy transfer and restore sport-specific function.

Presenter Profile

Phil Glasgow PhD, MTh, MRes, BSc, MCSPPhil has extensive experience in high performance sport having worked with elite athletes from a wide range of sports for 20 years. He was Chief Physiotherapist for Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and was Head of Sports Medicine at the Sports Institute Northern Ireland for 14 years until 2017. Phil now acts as a consultant to a variety of high-performance sports and athletes. He regularly presents at international conferences on various aspects of sports medicine including sport-related LBP. Phil is a visiting professor at Ulster University and teaches on a number of postgraduate sports medicine programmes at various UK and European universities.  Phil is currently working as Head of Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy at the IRFU.

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