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  • Qualification Recognition

    The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) is no longer the designated authority acting with the approval of the Minister for Health for the recognition of physiotherapy qualifications in the Republic of Ireland (S.I.139/2008). Applications for Qualification Recognition from 30th September 2016 should now be made to CORU ( The Qualification Recognition process is guided by EU Directive 2013/55/EC amending the 2005/36/EC.

Compensatory Measures

  • What are Compensatory Measures? 
  • Period of Adaptation (POA)
  • Aptitude Test
  • Aptitude Test Results

What are Compensatory Measures?

In some cases an applicant physiotherapist with physiotherapy qualifications acquired outside the Republic of Ireland may need to successfully complete a period of adaptation (POA) or pass an aptitude test before his/her qualifications can be recognised. This occurs if there are substantial and important differences in the applicant's physiotherapy education and if these deficits cannot be addressed by post-graduate qualifications or clinical experience. In this situation an applicant physiotherapist has the choice of successfully completing a POA or passing an aptitude test.

For further information on these two options, refer to Period of Adaptation or Aptitude Test below

The following changes will apply to any new applications reviewed on and from the IQWG meeting to be held on 22nd May 2014.

Compensatory measures

1.Timeframe for completion of a compensatory measure will reduce to 3 years for new applicants who are offered a compensatory measure.

2.If an applicant fails an Aptitude Test (part A/ B) s/he can repeat this twice but if s/he fails on the third attempt then their application will close.

3.If an applicant fails a Period of Adaptation (POA) s/he can repeat this once but if s/he fails the repeat then their application will close.


Period of Adaptation (POA)

A POA is a period of supervised practise. The length of the POA is determined by the designated body, the ISCP, and will address the area(s) of shortfall in the area(s) of Cardiorespiratory, Musculoskeletal or Neurology. During the entire length of the POA the applicant physiotherapist practises under the supervision of a qualified member of the profession. All supervisors must be current practising members of the ISCP. During this time the applicant may be required to undergo further education/training in relation to physiotherapy. The performance of the applicant physiotherapist during his/her POA shall be subject to assessment as determined by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (SI 166/2008, SI 139/2008). Assessment will consist of general performance assessment and an unseen patient examination and treatment.

The POA is an opportunity to address clinical skills and improve supporting theoretical knowledge where matters of education and training differ substantially from those covered by the honours degree Irish graduates. Its purpose is that following the completion of his/her period of adaptation the applicant physiotherapist demonstrates that he/she can work safely and effectively, and is able to competently clinically reason and fulfils his/her role at the same standard as a new graduate from an Irish physiotherapy programme, in the area requiring compensation. Following the assessment the physiotherapy manager or private practitioner will sign off equivalency to an Irish new graduate in the relevant area of adaptation.

Please select the following link to view the document for Assessment Information for Physiotherapists educated and trained outside the Republic of Ireland requiring a period

The following link provides general guidance on Periods of Adaptation

Period of Adaptation- Assessment Information for applicants.pdf

Period of Adaptation-General Guidance for Applicants.pdf


Aptitude Test

Another option available if you have differences in your qualifications is to sit an aptitude test. There are separate aptitude tests for the three essential core areas of:

  • Cardiorespiratory
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Neurology

Each aptitude test consists of two parts: Part A Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Part B Clinical Practical Examination (CPE).

To apply to do the Aptitude test, please select the following link to download the document.

Please submit the completed document along with your ISCP decision letter, two passport photos and the appropriate fee.

Physiotherapy Aptitude Test Information for Applicants.pdf

Aptitude Test Application form.pdf

Visa application is a separate process and beyond the remit of the ISCP. Please be advised that ISCP staff cannot advocate for an applicant. The ISCP will furnish a confirmation letter to applicants only when fully paid up to sit the physiotherapy aptitude test. The onus is on the applicant to allow enough time to complete all necessary processes. The refund policy (article 4.2 Physiotherapy Aptitude Test-Information for Applicants) will be strictly enforced.


The September 2016 MCQ will be held on Monday 5th September 2016 and the CPE will be held the week of the 26th Septembr2016.

Deadline for applications is Monday 15th August 2016


Part A MCQ Monday 5th Septembr 2016

Venue: Newman Study, RCSI College, 123 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2

Registration begins 30 minutes before each examination and finishes 10 minutes before each examination begins. Applicants must be sitting in exam hall 10 minutes before each exam to ensure adequate preparation time

Area: Cardio Respiratory Care

Area: Musculoskeletal &Rheumatology

Area: Neurological Rehabilitation

Contact person: Co-ordinator (01) 402 2353

Part B CPE (week of 26th September 2016)

Registration begins 30 minutes before each examination and finishes 10 minutes before each examination begins. Applicants must be sitting in exam hall 10 minutes before each exam to ensure adequate preparation time.

Each candidate will be notified of the time and venue of their CPE

Musculoskeletal - Neurological - Cardio Respiratory Care -

Dates, times and venues to be confirmed closer to the examination day.


Aptitude Test Results

September 2016 Aptitude Test, Part A Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination will be availbale by 5pm Tuesday 6th September16.


Examination Identifier Number Area      Result


Pass rate: 65%



Examination Identifier Number Area      Result