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Why become a member?

ISCP membership;

  • means you belong to a national community of over 3,000 physiotherapists representing students, managers, educators, researchers, practice owners and clinicians from all areas of practice.
  • grants you access to a network of resources, information, guidelines, best practices and business guidance to help you throughout your career.
  • connects you to a global physiotherapy community and expert resources enabling you to reach your full professional potential.
  • provides you with regular and easy access to important developments in your profession, with the opportunity to assure your place at the forefront of professional physiotherapists in Ireland. 
  • Supports your commitment to the continuing development of your professional expertise and ethical practice, which gives you a competitive advantage over non-Chartered Physiotherapists.
  • Gives you access to over 20 professional networks to support you in your career. Each Network focuses on a key area of physiotherapy practice and is led by a volunteer committee that focuses on each network’s member needs 
  • Provides you with a voice in discussions with legislators, regulators, and policy-makers.