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The ISCP became aware last week that the Department of Health has advertised for the post of Chief Nursing Officer with a remit for a Health and Social Care Professions Adviser. The ISCP reacted swiftly to this outrageous development and immediately took the following actions:

    Health and Social Care Professions Alliance (HSCPA*)

    (An alliance of 40,000 health and social care professionals in Ireland)

    1. The HSCPA calls for the establishment of an independent Health and Social Care Professions Advisory Unit in the Department of Health.



    The current General Election campaign is a critically important time for increasing awareness of the main issues facing physiotherapists and other health and social care professions.
    The ISCP is one of 10 member organisations in the Health and Social Care Alliance (HSCPA) that have joined together to launch a national and members grassroots lobbying campaign targeting two joint demands and one profession specific demand to be asked of all political parties and individual election candidates.



    The Making Every Contact Count Programme was established by the HSE to support the prevention and management of Chronic disease.

    It is a key priority of the Healthy Ireland agenda, which aims to improve the health of the whole population.


    The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists are extremely proud sponsors of the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon for the 5th year.

    The Society has launched a social media video campaign to promote the benefits to physiotherapy and physical activity. The video shows Mojo, the border-collie teaching his family who suffer with physical challenges how to get their mojo back through physiotherapy and exercise.

    The video was created by the Australian Physiotherapy Association who has given the ISCP permission to use the video to promote physiotherapy in Ireland.

    To watch the video click here