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Flora Women’s Mini Marathon 2014 Top physiotherapy tips to keep the fun in your run this weekend

(29th May 2014) There are only a couple of days left to the highlight of every female’s running calendar, The Flora Women’s Mini Marathon! The training is over and we want to ensure that you have fun while you run whilst avoiding unnecessary injuries.

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP), official supporters of the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon, will be present at the Women’s World Expo at the RDS this Friday 30th of May, Saturday 31st of May and Sunday 1st June providing free advice and demonstrations on safe exercise, pre and post-race injury prevention tips, foam rolling and tips on exercising and women’s health such as how to maintain a healthy bladder and pelvic floor.

Chartered Physiotherapists all over the country provide expert assessment, treatment and guidance to people who want to safely and effectively start running, those who are injured and need to rehabilitate back to running and those who are looking to improve their speed and efficiency.

On Race Day itself, a group of over 40 volunteers led by Mayo based Chartered Physiotherapist Erica Bajar, will provide post-race massages for participants at the finish line. Says Erica, “A post race massage can aid recovery after a race and reduce the possibility of muscle tightness. We look forward to greeting the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon participants on Monday and we wish them well in the race.”

Physiotherapy led Cool Down exercises, performed by Dublin based Chartered Physiotherapists Margaret Hanlon and Áine Tunney will also be held at the finish line for the participants to follow when they have finished the race.

Race goers wishing to attend either the post-race massage or cool down should head for the area located at the junction between Fitzwilliam Street Upper and Baggot Street Lower after the race.

“Everyone taking part in the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon - including those who plan on walking the circuit – need to take into account the importance of warming up, cooling down and staying hydrated throughout the course, and a proper cool down is just as important as the warm up,” advises Chartered Physiotherapist Margaret Hanlon.

Here are a few top Post Race and Cool Down tips to avoid injury from Margaret:

  • Static Stretching aims to lengthen muscles and helps prevent muscle soreness and joint stiffness.
    • Participants should walk for 5 – 10 minutes after crossing the finish line (as uncomfortable as this may be) and then make their way to the ISCP Marquee near the finish line for a post-race massage or cool down session including static stretches to reduce muscle soreness.
    • Massage or a thorough foam rolling session in the week following the race will also aid recovery and reduce muscle tightness. For full details of how to foam roll, see where you can download details.
    • Eat a carbohydrate-protein combined snack within 30 minutes of completing your race.
    • Ensure you are well hydrated before and after the race, fluid lost in the body in sweat must be replaced otherwise your body can become dehydrated
    • Ensure you change into a warm set of clothes after the race
    • Allow sufficient time for your body to rest before returning to training.
    • If you sustain a minor injury follow the PRICE Protocol, Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. For more serious injuries, seek medical attention.
    • If you have any aches, pains or niggles that do not settle within a few days post-race you can also contact a Chartered Physiotherapist in your area for information on post-race recovery strategies or for assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

The ISCP is the sole national professional body representing chartered physiotherapists in Ireland and is recognised both within and outside the profession, as the voice of physiotherapy in Ireland.

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Media enquiries and to organize interviews with spokespersons either before or during the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon and Woman’s World Show please, contact in the first instance: Flor Madden, Event Manager, 086 241 4360 or Niamh Quinn, Communications Manager, 087 122 0119.