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General Election 2020 - #Ask4MoreHSCPs

Health and Social Care Professions Alliance (HSCPA*)

(An alliance of 40,000 health and social care professionals in Ireland)

1. The HSCPA calls for the establishment of an independent Health and Social Care Professions Advisory Unit in the Department of Health.

  • To provide the Minister and Department with the expert advice and support that it requires operating in a similar manner to the Chief Nursing Office within the Department ensuring cost savings, efficiencies and reducing waiting lists.
  • To provide the necessary expertise and coordination of care to ensure a more collective and cohesive approach for Health and Social Care.
  • To facilitate the development of advanced practice opportunities for HSCPs.

2. The HSCPA calls for the introduction of minimum safe staffing levels for health and social care professions services.

  • This will cut waiting times for preventative, hospital, community and ongoing care
  • End the post code lottery for access to our services

*The Health and Social Care Professions Alliance (HSCPA) is an alliance of the professional bodies of professions regulated or due to be regulated by CORU. Current membership consists of representatives of the following professions: medical laboratory scientists, occupational therapists, orthoptists, social care, social workers, speech and language therapists, radiographers & radiation therapists, dietetics, physiotherapists, psychologists, chiropodists & podiatrists and growing.

Health and Social care Professionals: It’s our service you’re waiting for



Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)**


The ISCP calls for a correction to an anomaly in the Finance Act which means patients have an unnecessary additional cost of obtaining a Doctor’s referral’ before they can claim tax relief on their physiotherapy treatments. Chartered Physiotherapists are autonomous professionals so can treat people without a referral from a Doctor. This requirement was only brought in during the recent recession.


**The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) is the sole professional organisation representing chartered physiotherapists in Ireland. Physiotherapy is the health profession with expertise in movement and exercise prescription throughout the lifespan across the health spectrum. Physiotherapy involves specific interventions to individuals and populations where movement and function are, or may be, threatened by illness, ageing, injury, pain, disability, disease, disorder or environmental factors. Such interventions are designed and prescribed to develop, restore and maintain optimal health.