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Lobbying Effort leads to Protection of Titles

The Irish Medical Times Health – 3rd February 2016

Last week’s “momentous decision” by the Minister for Health Dr Leo Varadkar to protect the title ‘physical therapist’ under Section 95(3) of the Health and Social Care Professionals Act, 2005, which will eliminate the ongoing risk of title confusion between ‘physiotherapist’ and ‘physical therapist’ and the consequent risks to public safety, can be viewed as an example of successful lobbying.

Immediately welcoming the announcement of the decision, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) said: “There was huge confusion among the public with the majority not knowing the difference between the two titles so we are now very satisfied that the ensuing risk to public safety is no more and Ireland has the exact same standing here as the rest of the world.”

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