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Reminder Notice for Private Practitioners

The Society has become aware that many private practitioners have, in recent days, received letters from the Data Protection Commissioner. The Society endorses the principle of data protection and understands that chartered physiotherapists in the private sector* must register with the Office of the Data Commissioner. If you have not received a letter yet or you have not registered, it is advisable that you register. This can be done on line at

*Registering depends on the capacity in which you work. Following some queries the Society has clarified the following

If you own the practice and/or you employ physiotherapists and other staff – You will have to register but all staff (including administrative and other staff) will be covered in your registration. The registration fee will depend on the number of employees you have. Employees do not have to register individually.

If you work as a sole practitioner or an independent contractor within a practice you will need to register