EUROSPINE Diploma in Interprofessional Spine Care (EDISC) Course

Event Type Course/Workshop
Refreshments Included No
Free Event No
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Contact Person Sylvia Hartog-Meisser
Contact Email [email protected]
Start Date 1 26 Jan 2024 12:00
End Date 1 26 Jan 2024 16:30
Start Date 2 19 Feb 2024 14:00
End Date 2 19 Feb 2024 16:00
Start Date 3 23 Mar 2024 08:30
End Date 3 23 Mar 2024 13:00

The EDISC course offers 7 online modules covering a range of topics, including issues related to the biomedical versus biopsychosocial model, how best to integrate new evidence into practice, how to collect clinical evidence, and how to overcome barriers to interprofessional care.
Each completed module brings you closer to achieving CME credits recognised by a certificate. Flexibility is at your fingertips, with the option to take certain modules out of sequence. For those seeking the ultimate achievement, the prestigious EDISC Diploma can be achieved within a maximum of three years of completing all modules.

What makes the EDISC course different?
It's fully online, designed for flexibility and accessibility for spine care professionals worldwide. Participate in lectures, interactive sessions, group work, case-based discussions, workshops and live plenary sessions from the comfort of your home or office. No face-to-face attendance required.

Target Audience
EDISC is open to non-surgical and surgical spine care practitioners and other spine care professionals who have graduated as clinicians from an accredited institution (i.e. professional school or university). 
This may include professionals such as general practitioners and spine surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, nurses, naturopaths and others. A minimum of two years' clinical experience is recommended, but all new graduates are encouraged to apply.

Please contact Sylvia Hartog-Meisser , [email protected] for further details.