Introduction to Reflective Practice for Health and Social Care Professionals Week 3

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Event Type ISCP Organised
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Date 6 Dec 2022 12:00 - 6 Dec 2022 13:00

The Professional Development Unit has been involved with other HSCP member organisations and the National HSCP office in developing a module for HSEland on Reflective Practice. 

There are 2 modules - once which caters for beginners to reflective practice and the other for those with more experience in the area. 

The Reflective Practice modules will be livestreamed from HSEland. This session is a way of facilitating HSCP’s some time to sit down to work through the content. We all have the best will in the world to listen to webinars and learning materials after work or in our own time, but it often doesn’t happen.

The modules will be available and played in the dediicated time, follwoed by time for Q and A.

Part 1 of the module - An introduction to Reflective Practice is approximately 75 mins long, this will be broken down into two separate webinars of 40 mins (week 1) and 35 mins (week 2). The final webinar HSCP’s with experience of Reflective Practice will last approximately 50 mins (week 3)

Week 3: Tuesday 6th December 12h00 we will play the second module HSCP with experience of Reflective Practice (approximately 50 minutes) with 10 minutes for questions and answers.

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