Functional Female Pelvic Floor: High Impact & Weight Lifting Webinar

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County Dublin
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Specialities Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Pelvic Health & Continence, Sports Medicine
Presenter Details The Functional Female Pelvic Floor series is presented to you by Helen Keeble ( Helen is an experienced and passionate pelvic health physiotherapist with a specialist interest in female sports.
Helen has worked with many different types of female exercisers over the years from a huge variety of disciplines and from all kinds of backgrounds; from the complete novice to the competing professional. Highlights of Helen's career in sport include being an offical Olympic physiotherapist at London 2012, spending 18 months working inside a large and busy London CrossFit gym, and working at Queen's Tennis club . Helen now works in private practice in Dublin, has been tutoring with the POGP since 2015 and co-created The Active Female postgraduate series at Dublin City University which launched in Sept 2023.
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Date 28 Feb 2024 11:30 - 28 Feb 2024 15:30

Understand how the female pelvic floor acts when undertaking high impact and weight lifting activities. Learn powerful, immediately applicable knowledge to arm your female clients with the know how of how to safely return to or continue with what they love doing most.

Find out the answers to;

  • What is ground reaction force and how does it affect the pelvic floor?
  • What role does intra-abdominal pressure play in pelvic floor function?
  • How does the female pelvic floor behave specifically during a range of high impact and weight lifting activities?
  • What role do weight lifting belts and bracing play in female pelvic floor muscle function or dysfunction?
  • What prep does the pelvic floor need to be able withstand high impact and weight lifting?
  • What is reflexive pelvic floor muscle training and why is it so beneficial?
  • What is the hierarchy of impact and the hierarchy of load?
  • How can clients who leak or have prolapse undertake high impact and weight lifting exercise safely?
  • What running specific rehab is there to aid the pelvic floor?
  • PLUS - Any questions you have for Helen on female pelvic health and the chance to discuss the topic with like minded people

This webinar is perfect for you if you work with any females who exercise and all exercise and health care professionals are welcome. Learn how to confidently help those with pelvic floor dysfunction (eg excess tension, leaking or prolapse) back to weight lifting and/or high impact. You'll also learn how to future proof the pelvic floor too for all those who do not have any symptoms either. All supported by the latest research, evidence and concepts.


11:30 The female pelvic floor during high impact exercise and weight lifting - what does the current research and evidence tell us?

13:00 Questions and discussion

13:30 Break

13:45 Coaching and empowering female clients with pelvic floor dysfunction back to high impact, high load & weight lifting (Includes real life case studies)

15:00 Questions and discussion

15:30 End


Here's what previous attendees said:

"All questions asked were answered really well, all backed up with most recent scientific evidence and really thought provoking"

"Didn't feel rushed, plenty of time to ask questions, friendly atmosphere and inclusive to all"

"Up to date evidence based research, making what could be a complex topic seem simple to understand and therefore making it easier for us to then explain to clients"

"Brilliant tips that us as coaches can use to support clients and refer when needed"

"To be able to understand how we can apply the hierarchies (of impact and of load) in the gym will have huge impact on our practise going forward"

"It was nice to have some recomended sets and reps to aim for but also reminded that things are never black and white and that everyone will be different"

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