PSYCHOLOGY & PHYSIOLOGY OF PAIN : Managing Pain as an homeostatic emotion

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Venue Trinity Centre , James St, Dublin 8
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Specialities Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Rheumatology
Presenter Details Tom Arild got his degree in physiotherapy at Ulster University in Belfast in Northern Ireland in 1983 (4-year B.Sc degree with Honours). He has a Cand.Scient in physiotherapy (Advanced M.Sc degree) from the University of Bergen in Norway. He has been teaching MET and CRT in Europe and North Americafor more than 30 years and in Korea since 2012. He has over the years published results from seven different randomized trials on the effectiveness of high repetition high dose medical exercise therapy. He has written books, book chapters,and theoretical articles for national and international peer reviewed journals. He presents regularly at national and international conferences
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Date 21 Apr 2023 09:00 - 22 Apr 2023 17:00

This course has been developed from a biomedical to a biopsychosocial sensitisation model of pain. It is based on communicating with patients about pain using drawn pictures, posters, storyboards, animations and the MIRROR book. The whole idea is NOT to explain pain but to use the drawn pictures and other material for patients to recognize her/himself. The recognition usually make the patients start to talk about his/her pain.

The use of cognitive models with a humoristic twist is to help patients better understand  pain physiology and pain psychology and how physical activity works as pain modulation. A fundamental element of the course is to understand pain is a homeostatic emotion and how different psychological factors can either increase or decrease the pain experience. 

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