The O' Reilly Centre's e-Academy for Breast Cancer Rehab.

Third Party Event

Venue Online CPD
City Dublin
County Dublin
Contact Hours 30
Event Type E-Learning
Specialities Cardiac Care, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Oncology, Palliative Care, Sports Medicine
Presenter Details About the presenter
Siobhan O’ Reilly Bracken MISCP MPA MSc CLT is a physiotherapist and Certified Lymphedema Therapist licenced in Ireland and in New York. She is a member of ISCP and The American Physical Therapy Association and their oncology SIG groups. Siobhan directed a hospital department and ran a private practice in Manhattan for several years before being diagnosed and treated with breast cancer. She has an MPA from New York University and an MSc in Sports Physiotherapy from UCD. Siobhan has been teaching in-person and online courses in the field of Breast Cancer Rehab since 2006, including as a guest lecturer in UCD. In early 2021 Siobhan was invited to join an international group of researchers and clinicians working to bridge the gap in coverage and patient's access to breast cancer rehab services.
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Free Event No
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Contact Person Siobhan
Contact Email [email protected]
Pre Course Requirement N/A
Date 3 Mar 2023 09:41 - 3 Mar 2025 09:42

About the academy of courses


This e-academy offers physiotherapists, up to date best practice in breast cancer rehab with online support throughout, through our community forum. The evidence supporting physiotherapy and breast cancer rehab, is compelling. We now know how to detect issues early and how to work with patients to prevent them from progressing and becoming chronic. The academy opens with 28 bite size courses each worth .5 CPD. Courses are divided into three sections, breast cancer, breast cancer treatments and breast cancer rehab. Each course has objectives, learning outcomes, a written presentation with slides, 3 readings, a quiz and lots of supplemental resources. New CPD/courses will be added monthly and will include requests made by colleagues in the community forum.


Educational outcomes


After taking these courses, participants will be able to:


  • Describe the stages of breast cancer (BC).
  • Discuss BC treatments and their side-effects.
  • Discuss all types of BC surgery and postoperative issues.
  • Describe Level 1 and Level 2 postop exercises.
  • Describe soft tissue mobilisations (STMs) for scars, cords and fibrosis.
  • Discuss the “Cording Exercise Sequence”.
  • Discuss 3 stages of radiation fibrosis and a stretching concept.
  • Describe 7 types of breast reconstructions.
  • Discuss the APTA’s clinical practice guidelines for “the initial intervention” and “the intensive intervention” for breast-cancer-related-lymphedema (BCRL).
  • Discuss how physiotherapists prospectively detect and treat rehab issues early.
  • Describe the valid and reliable Myotape Method for self-measuring arm girth.
  • Describe measuring and using compression arm sleeves.
  • Discuss patient education in self-care and self-MLD
  • Describe how to measure pec minor length and the benefits of routine stretching.
  • Supervise patients through the “12 week walking program for breast cancer”
  • Supervise patients using Level 3 Exercises for fitness
  • Supervise patients exercise with stage 4 breast cancer


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