TIIPpSS-FC Masterclass

Third Party Event

Venue Performance Physiotherpy
City Cork
County Cork
Contact Hours 16
Event Type Course/Workshop
Specialities Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Pelvic Health & Continence, Sports Medicine
Presenter Details Teresa Waser, MScPT, BSc, CAFCI, CGIMS, CFL2
Teresa is an Orthopedic & Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Coach & Educator.  
Teresa has a special interest in strength & conditioning and has training in Olympic lifting, CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Conjugate Methods & CrossFit Masters and has experience coaching both running and CrossFit.  She loves helping people feel strong and capable in their bodies, regardless of age or current level of fitness.
Refreshments Included No
Free Event No
How to Book Book directly through Teresa at Rx-Physio
Booking Link https://rxphysio.ck.page/products/tiippss-fc-masterclass-cork-ireland
Contact Person Sinead Murphy
Contact Email [email protected]
Non-Member Price €395.00
Date 23 Mar 2024 08:30 - 24 Mar 2024 16:30

TIIPPSS-FC Masterclass is a two day course for physiotherapists, clinicians and fitness professionals who want to embrace a whole person approach to pain, pelvic health concerns and performance considerations.

We will deep dive into the simple and adaptable TIIPPSS-FC framework to reframe your assessment and treatment approach for individuals with pain, pelvic health complaints, or performance limitations. This course will be all about connecting the dots, interweaving theory, research and experiential learning with movement experiments in lifting, running, jumping, and exercise scaling.  Will also include a pre-recorded research review.  This course will be FUN, extremely practical and an experience you won’t want to miss

On Day 1, we'll cover TIIPPSS-FC foundations through a combination of theory and research, interactive discussion, case studies, and experiential learning through movement experiments.

On Day 2, we'll dive into the practical application of TIIPPSS-FC. We'll apply what we've learned through workshops exploring lifting, impact activities and more. We'll cover scaling progressions and harnessing creativity in our practice.

Course hours: 8:30am-4:30pm

Registration on Day 1 at 8:15am

Handout PDF with slides, reference list and practical lab handbook will be provided.

Lunch will NOT be provided but snacks & tea/coffee will be.

What are others saying about TIIPPSS-FC?

" It's such a comprehensive way to explore movement with clients and help them work towards the goals and outcomes they seek. I will likely use this framework for the rest of my career." -LS

" The TIIPPSS-FC course was absolutely outstanding. It helped the penny drop for me and I now use the framework on a daily basis with patients." -BC

" The course is incredible! It left me feeling so empowered as a coach and a trainer. It gave me so many strategies to take with me that'll allow me to serve my clients to the best of my abilities." - YE

" TIIPPSS-FC is such a fantastic framework. It takes changing the 'how' and not the 'what' to a whole new level. I highly recommend Teresa's evidence-based and practical course to experience the framework firsthand." - LC

" TIIPPSS-FC frees you from this thinking, exploring your beliefs as a clinician/coach and challenging those beliefs full on. This can be uncomfortable, but man is it worth it." - AM

" This framework helps me organize my thoughts and all the myriad things we can 'play' with when trying to optimize movement or facilitate easing of symptoms. TIIPPSS-FC offers freedom from strict rules around movement and is a curious and compassionate way of approaching what we do." -TE

" It can sometimes feel overwhelming knowing the best place to start. TIIPPSS-FC empowers you to work with each unique & individual client using these categories to come up with a plan to guide them into doing exercise in a way that is best for them. Teresa is an incredible mentor, educator and cheerleader. She asks thought provoking questions and works diligently to create a safe space for ALL to learn." - TW

" TIIPPSS-FC really suits my researcher soul giving a solid base joined with creativity and big space of possibility. I highly recommend the course to anyone ready to challenge their beliefs and confirmation biases and maybe get outside the comfort zone. However, this is the place where the magic happens." -MS


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