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ISCP Fellowship Awards

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists are delighted to announce a new Fellowship Award which is available to members of the ISCP. The Fellowship awards are an accolade intended as a prestigious award to celebrate the achievement of individual ISCP members’ service to the profession and wider physiotherapy community. ISCP Fellowships will be awarded annually at the ISCP Annual Conference. Fellowships are awarded by the Board on the recommendations of the Fellowship Awards Review Panel. Nominees for the award of Fellowship must be a member of the ISCP for a minimum of ten years, who has advanced the profession by forwarding the boundaries of professional knowledge and/or furthering the aims of the profession. A Fellow will be permitted to use the title “Fellow“ of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. A Fellow will have lifetime membership to the ISCP. The Fellowship award is peer nominated. Nominators do not have to be ISCP members but must submit two supporting nominations one of which must be an ISCP member.

All applications must be received by COB Monday the 30th of August 2021.

More Information available in the Information Booklet

Important information for Nominators.
Please read the Nomintor guidance document before completing the application form below.

Please see supporting statement template here

SECTION 1 - Nominator Information

Details about the Chief nominator (to whom all correspondence will be sent)

Supporting Nomination 1 (This Nominator must be an ISCP Member)

Allowed file types: pdf, xls, doc, docx. Max filesize: 10M

Supporting Nomination 2

Allowed file types: pdf, xls, doc, docx. Max filesize: 10M

SECTION 2 - Nominee Information

Details about the Nominee

Allowed file types: pdf, xls, doc, docx. Max filesize: 10M
Where appropriate, it would be helpful if you could refer to where the candidate has:
  • provided a sustained commitment to the physiotherapy profession
  • inspired
  • led at service level, regionally, nationally or internationally
  • significantly improved care/patient outcomes
  • innovated
  • been recognised by peers
  • advocated