Strength & Balance Exercises To Help Older Adults During COVID-19

This leaflet developed by chartered physiotherapists in the HSE Community Physiotherapy Service in Cork that provides evidence based, safe exercises for strengthening and balance for older adults to encourage exercise during this period of cocooning. Download this leaclet at: HSE Community Physio leaflet


Inside this brochure you will find:

• 8 exercises that are safe for you to do and they work.

• An exercise diary/calendar which you are asked to tick twice a day after doing your exercises



If you would rather follow along with a video, join Chartered Physiotherapist Michelle McNamara as she leads us through these exercises.


Video 1: Instruction video: Physiotherapy Strength & Balance Exercises for those cocooning during COVID-19

Learn how to do the exercises safely at home


Video 2: Daily Practice Video: Physiotherapy Strength & Balance Exercises

Once you have followed the instruction video you will know why you are doing your exercises and how to keep yourself safe at home. This video provides all the erecsies for you to follow on a regular basis without the explinations. View this video at 



Strengthening and Balance Exercises have many benefits:

• Improves your mobility

• Helps you to stay flexible

• Improves your brain health

• Enhances your memory

• Lifts your mood

• Maintains and improves your balance


If you have any questions about this programme you can contact the HSE Community Physiotherapy Service in Cork on 021 492 3415



The content on this page is provided for general information purposes only and is not meant to replace a physiotherapy or medical consultation.