Quality and Safety Specialist

Quality and Safety Specialist (Location: You will be required to travel to various areas of Ireland and the UK in the fulfilment of your duties. This position is Dublin based. HCI offices are located in Sandyford, Dublin 18.)

Job Type Full Time

Lead and support the development of the client Quality & Safety Management Systems, including:

  • Lead and develop all aspects of Quality & Safety Management Systems to fulfil healthcare regulation and accreditation. This includes all quality development as well as clinical and non-clinical risk management.
  • Lead and support the development of quality improvement initiatives to improve the effectiveness of care and service delivery
  • Implementation of risk management systems such as incident identification and complaints processes.
  • Enhance systems for ongoing patient/client/resident involvement, e.g. focus groups
  • Assist and support Incident Investigations
  • Develop the use of performance measurement systems in healthcare, e.g. Clinical Audit
  • Develop clients understanding and fulfilment of regulations including:
    • Joint Commission International (JCI)
    • CHKS
    • HIQA
    • ISO
    • HPRA
    • National and International Best Practice
  • Lead in the undertaking of Systems Analysis, Serious Incident Reviews and Safeguarding Invetsigations
  • Develop and educate re process control and the use of Policies & Procedures Framework, including:
    • Understand the needs and requirements of client regulations
    • Develop policies and procedures based on evidence based best practice
    • Work with care staff implementing policies and procedures
    • Process mapping key care and non-care processes
  • Provide training and education programmes relating to (example):
    • Quality & Safety Management Systems
    • Public & Patient Involvement
    • Incident Management
    • Risk Management
  • Utilisation of the Quality Management Information Systems:
    • Management of HCI projects through QMIS
    • Review and monitoring of information
    • Providing client liaison and support with regards to QMIS
  • Development of Client Relationships:
    • Develop strong ongoing relationships with current clients
    • Ongoing client communication
    • Ensure on-going evaluation of client satisfaction
    • Developing and administer structured feedback from clients
    • Sharing expertise with clients
    • Using feedback from observations and participants, and ideas from research, training courses and colleagues to develop performance.

2.0 General Responsibilities:

The Quality & Safety Specialist is responsible for supporting the HCI Quality Management System (QMS) as follows:

  • Developing, implementing, maintaining and improving the process, and associated procedures, of the services provided by HCI.
  • Recording, managing and addressing all allocated non-conformances in a timely and effective manner and in accordance to the applicable procedure.
  • Completing all specific audit activities as identified by the Quality Manager in accordance to the applicable procedure.
  • Ensuring that all relevant regulatory requirements related to the service being provided by HCI, are considered and incorporated during provision of that service.
Career Level Other
Education Level Clinical Degree
Apply Before 28 Jun 2023
Location You Will Be Required To Travel To Various Areas Of Ireland And The UK In The Fulfilment Of Your Duties. This Position Is Dublin Based. HCI Offices Are Located In Sandyford, Dublin 18.
Country Ireland
County Dublin
Contact Name Regina Connell
Contact Email [email protected]
Contact Phone 09336126