Added Value Member-Only Benefit Initiatives For 2020-21

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on many of our members across the profession, the following package of supports has been put in place for the coming membership year.

  1. Free membership of Chartered Physiotherapists in Private Practice (CPPP) Employment Group for all private practitioner members (was €150).
  2. Free membership of Chartered Physiotherapists in Management (CPM) Employment Group for all eligible members (was €50).
  3. Free membership of Clinical Interest Groups for all members (ranging from €15 to €50 depending on the group).
  4. Free attendance at the 2020 Virtual Conference for all members (was €145 for one-day attendance).
  5. A special once-off COVID-19-specific Research Bursary with a value of €5,000 for which members can apply.
  6. Direct benefit from the ‘Ask the physio’ marketing/communications campaign in 2020-21 with three extra national and regional radio/digital advertisement campaigns.
  7. Direct debit administration fee has been removed for the year to assist members who might have difficulty paying their subscription in one payment.
  8. Benevolent Fund boosted by a donation from the ISCP.