Elections to the Board

Notice of Nominations Process for 2022 – 2024 Board

Elections to the BOARD from the Work Category Membership

Notice of Nominations Process for 2022 – 2024 Board


12 members will be elected to the board from the four work categories. 


This is your opportunity to influence the Board membership by either nominating a member or seeking a nomination. 


How it works


  1. Nominees:


If you would like to stand for election to the Board please consider the following:


  • You must be a current member of the Society and remain a member for the duration of the two year term.


  • You would need to have experience of being a committee member of a Standing Committee, Working Group, Branch, Clinical Interest Group or Employment Group of the Society in the last three years.


  • You have to stand in the work category in which you assigned yourself on your membership renewal form (Details of the categories are explained below)


  • You have to be proposed and seconded by two physiotherapists who are also members of the Society. 


  • You and your proposers will have to complete the nomination form (available to download from the website or by contacting the Office by email: [email protected])


  • You will have to prepare a profile of yourself outlining why you want to be a Board member and what you think you could bring to the Board. This must be submitted with a photograph to [email protected]  on or before  Monday August 29th 2022 for publication on the ISCP website.


  1. Nominators


Do you know someone whom you think would be a great member of the Board by contributing constructively to the decisions that the Board will make during its next term?


If you do, approach them and ask them if they would consider standing for election, they would have to consider the points about being a nominee in Section A above. 


Members have to indicate willingness to stand and cannot be nominated without their knowledge.


You will need to find a second member who would also be willing to nominate this person.


  • Then, along with the nominee and the other proposer, complete the nomination form and return it to [email protected]  on or before  Monday August 29th 2022 for publication on the ISCP website.

  1. Nomination Process


The opportunity for nominating is now open and  will remain open until August 29th 2022 for publication on the ISCP website.


Board Nomination Forms are available to download from the members’ area of the website www.iscp.ie or by contacting [email protected] .


Once all the nominations are received, ballot papers will be printed with the name of every nominee and the work category in which they are standing. The ballot papers will be circulated to every member by post.


The following are the four defined categories:


Public Health Service: this category applies to members employed directly by the Public Health Service, including the Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals

Private Practice: applies to self-employed members working within private practice, 

members employed as an associate within a private practice and members working independently in a private or self-employed capacity

Education: applies to members employed primarily by a third level institution as a lecturer or researcher and members employed as a clinical tutor primarily in an education role but are mainly based within the clinical environment


Private or Voluntary Sector: applies to members employed in Voluntary Hospitals (other than the Dublin Academic Teaching Hospitals), Private Hospitals and voluntary or or charitable organisations. Their position, whilst it may be funded by the Public Health Service, is paid through a Third party.



Nominations for the 12 places on the Board in the four categories are now open and members can nominate candidates until August 29th 2022 when nominations close. Board Nomination Forms are available to download and complete from the ISCP website www.iscp.ie under the 2022 Board Elections section in the Members Area of the site.


The procedure for election of the 12 members to the ISCP Board in 2022 is as follows:

  • The 12 members will be proportionally elected from their category, with each category allocated a minimum of one (1) seat.
  • Every member selected their category at renewal of membership for 2021-2022
  • The proportion for Board positions for each category has been calculated in direct ratio to the membership in each of the categories on the 31st December 2021.


Based on the proportion of members employed in each category, the following are the number of Board seats allocated to each category:

Private Practice: 5

Public Health Service: 4

Private or Voluntary Sector: 2

Education: 1



  • You may nominate candidates across all four categories, but you may only vote within your chosen category.
  • Nominations for positions on the Board must be agreed in advance with the nominees, who must be current members of the ISCP.
  • Nominations must be made in writing on the ISCP Board Nomination Form. 
  • Nominations must be proposed and seconded by two current ISCP members. 
  • Those who propose and second nominations must both sign the Nomination Form and include their membership numbers.
  • Nomination Forms must be received by the ISCP at [email protected]  on or before the closing date of August 29th 2022.
  • In addition to the submission of the Nomination Form, each nominee must submit a standardised written profile and photograph for publication in Firsthand and on the members section of the website.
  • Nominees’ Profiles must be received by the ISCP at [email protected] on or before the closing date of August 29th 2022.


  • Voting is by electronic vote.
  • Voting will take place between 1st September and 30th September 2022.
  • Election results will be published on the website in early October and communicated to members via the ISCP e zine.
  • All elections have to ratified by the membership at the next AGM on 12th November 2022.
  • Each member may cast one vote only.
  • Successful nominees will be decided by “first past the post” system.
  • Board members must maintain their ISCP Membership for the full duration of their term of office. 

Members who are elected will formally take up their positions on the Board immediately after the AGM on 12th November 2022, if their election is ratified.


All Board members will function as a unit on behalf of the Society, which is its membership, and will not hold representative roles on the Board.


The work categories are solely for the purpose of a nomination and election process; the elected members do not represent the category from which they were elected.  

Download the  Nomination form