Catherine McLoughlin takes up ISCP Presidential Role

Catherine McLoughlin takes up ISCP Presidential Role - ISCPHi A

Catherine Mc Laughlin has taken up her position as ISCP president and commenced  her term officially at November's AGM.



Catherine (née Toole) graduated from Trinity College Dublin  in 1998. After working for a year in St Vincent’s University Hospital, she travelled to work in the Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, Australia and in two small rural hospitals in Griffith and Leeton, New South Wales. She then completed an MSc in Human Factors and  Ergonomics, in Loughborough University, England, and a fieldwork project in a car component manufacturing plant in Coventry, before returning to Ireland and St Vincent’s University Hospital. Catherine held short term senior positions in pain management, rheumatology and musculoskeletal care and was senior in ergonomics and patient handling. She additionally held a part time role in a private practice. Catherine was appointed Physiotherapy Manager at SVUH in 2006. In 2020, she moved to the role of director of health and social care professionals in Stewarts Care, in the disability sector, in CHO7. 

Catherine has held roles on the committees of Chartered Physiotherapists in Occupational Health and Ergonomics, Professional Development Standing Committee and International Affairs Standing Committee. She has completed three terms on International Affairs, and held the position of Director of International Affairs for two years. Catherine is a long-standing a member of chartered physiotherapists in management. Catherine is delighted to take on the role of president of the ISCP so that she may continue her involvement with assisting the society to fulfil its aims. With the publication of the new strategy, she feels that the society is well placed to travel into the future as the focus point of profession specific CPD and networking in Ireland and is keen to assist members to actively participate in the shaping of their lifelong careers, within an international context.

You can download Catherine's speech setting out her priorities for her term here