HSCP Funded CPD Proposal Submissions Open For 2021

Got an idea for CPD? Submit your proposal for HSCP funding

The Deadline for submission of proposals is as follows:

  • Discipline Specific - 9 am 1st October 2020
  • Interdisciplinary - 9 am 16th September 2020

You do not need to be an ISCP member to submit a proposal and members are encouraged to share this notice widely with other physiotherapists working in the publicly funded health service.

Proposals can only be accepted for consideration on the appropriate application form

The application form must be fully completed and returned to ISCP Professional Development Unit via an online system using the following submission link

Proposals are welcomed from all areas of practice but specific consideration should be given to developing CPD proposals that will support the implementation of the integrated programmes, National Clinical programmes and other areas for priority service development , including Patient Flow, Older Persons, Prevention + Management of Chronic Disease, Children, Maternity, Health + Wellbeing, Service Improvement. 

Successful proposals should also aim to address national service needs rather than the needs of an individual department.

Please be advised funding from the National HSCP Office cannot be used for the following Individual training and development opportunities such as third level or postgraduate courses. 

Activities which are funded through other departments of the HSE, such as Management/leadership development programmes, ICT, budget management, managing meetings, health & safety, etc.

Examples of purposes for which the funding may be used:

  • Specific CPD sessions/workshops organised internally either drawing on internal expertise and/or bringing in expertise from other agencies or from abroad
  • Attendance at short courses in Ireland only, with a specific clinical focus. This may be considered where there is prior agreement that the attendees will brief the wider audience on return from the event.

Additional Criteria 

CPD activities should:

  • Be accessible to physiotherapists and at least one other Health and Social Care Profession working in the HSE
  • Be relevant to physiotherapists and at least one other Health and Social Care Profession working in the HSE/publicly funded health service
  • Provide significant reach in terms of numbers of professionals that can transfer learning into practice
  • Be based on a clear service need for both Physiotherapy and at least one other Health and Social Care Profession 
  • Clearly demonstrate benefit to consumers, the service, the professions attending  and the individuals participating
  • Build in and encourage reflective practice
  • Represent value for money.

Queries regarding the Call for Proposals should be directed to frantheron@iscp.ie