ISCP welcomes vaccination access for all healthcare workers

The move follows repeated representations made by the ISCP to the Department of Health and HSE since November 2020 to extend priority access to the vaccination programme to private practitioner physiotherapists.

Until now most non-HSE practitioners in Ireland have been waiting for notification as to how and when they can access the COVID-19 vaccination.

Ruaidhri O’Connor, CEO of the ISCP says "The invitation to our private practitioner physiotherapists to register to receive the vaccination is very welcome news given that private practitioner physiotherapists are essential healthcare practitioners treating many vulnerable patients on a face-to face basis.”

An online registration portal for vaccines for all health care workers including private practitioners opens on Tuesday 9th February. The HSE has provided information which outlines the procedure to register for COVID-19 vaccination and the sequence in which people will be vaccinated. You can find the two documents from the HSE here and here.

All frontline staff are asked to register on the online portal. The portal will be used to facilitate scheduling of vaccination appointments. After registering details, members will receive a notification with details of vaccine appointment date and location, and a link to re-access the system to consent to the vaccination.The online registration portal can be found at: