Post of Honorary Editor of Firsthand

Could you be the next Editor of Firsthand, the ISCP’s exclusive member magazine?

Post of Honorary Editor of Firsthand - ISCPHi A
  • Are you passionate about what’s happening in physiotherapy within Ireland and beyond?
  • Would you enjoy the challenge of engaging 3,600 physiotherapists across Ireland through the ISCPs member magazine?
  • Would you like to build on your professional network and experience through joining the board of the ISCP and its communications committee?
  • Are you driven, detail-orientated and organised, with excellent written English?
  • Could you be the next Editor of Firsthand, the ISCP’s exclusive member magazine?


What you’ll do

We’ll need you to:

  • come up with editorial for each edition- there are two per year. 
  • you’ll need an eye for a good physiotherapy-based story and a sense of what will be interesting and informative for readers.  You’ll need to make contact with  MISCPs and either interview them or get them to write about what they’re doing. You’ll select photos, select and edit articles and coordinate publishing with our Communications Manager.
  • be a valued member of the Board of the ISCP. You’ll need to attend 6 meetings per year. Two of these will be in-person and 4 will be virtual. We’ll refund your travel expenses.
  • be a member of our communications standing committee. We meet around 6 times per year virtually.
  • liaise with the communication officers of clinical interest groups (CIGs) and employment groups to source articles for Firsthand
  • work with the Communications Manager. Liaise with the CEO and Professional Practice team.
  • take charge of the Firsthand email account- this is where people will reach you
  • edit all articles, caption photographs, do the final proofreading at the design stage


Supported by

  • Our Communications Manager will help with proofreading, managing advertising, liaising with the designer, printing , publication and distribution

You’ll gain:

  • experience of being on the Board of Ireland’s professional organisation for phsyiotherapists
  • the opportunity to build your professional profile and grow your network of contacts
  • a chance to explore topics that interest you and connect with people doing work valuable work
  • influencing skills. You’ll shape the ISCP magazine and influence and inform our members via the content you choose
  • you’ll join the roll call of past Honorary Editors


If you’re interested please tell us about your studies, expertise and /or work to date. We’d love to hear why you’d like to take on the role. If you have ideas on what sort of content you’d like to include we’d love hear about them, either in your application or via an interview.


Send your applications to [email protected]  as soon as possible.  The term of this role runs from November 2022 to November 2024