Zoom Talks

CPA Talks on Zoom during 2020-2021

Six Zoom talks consisting of thirty minutes input followed by short Q&A period took place during the year. The audio files of the sessions are available on CPA’s Dropbox and can be listened to for a limited period. Notice of the removal of a talk and/or the accompanying reading materials is given in advance.

  • Zoom Lecture on 29 September 2020 * Acupuncture for post-COVID symptoms of muscle pain, fatigue/endurance etc. (Mary Pender)
  • Zoom Lecture on 13 October 2020 * Pain supplements (Mary Pender)
  • Zoom Lecture on 27 October 2020 * Case Histories (Mary Pender)
  • Zoom Lecture on 10 November 2020 * Nutrition Update (Mary Pender)
  • Zoom Lecture on 8 December *Current Research in Acupuncture (Mary Furlong)
  • Zoom Lecture on 30 March 2021 * Acupuncture for Loss of Taste and Smell (Mary Furlong and Mary Pender)

Access to the Dropbox is available to members only.