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AACP Foundation Acupuncture Course

AACP Foundation Acupuncture Course

  • 29 Mar, 2019 to 31 Mar, 2019
  • 03 May, 2019 to 05 May, 2019
  • 9.00 am - 4.00 pm all days
The Briars Medical Centre
Ashbourne, A84 D923

Presenter Name

Dr. Christopher Norris

Target Participant Level


Speciality Tag

Acupuncture, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Management

Number Of Contact Hours


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Cost to Attend

€750 (Standard)
( ISCP Member )
(ISCP Student Member )
( CIG/EG/Branch Member )

Learning Objectives

Educational Aims of the course

The aims of the course are to:

·        Provide students with the knowledge and skills to equip them to practise acupuncture as an integrated skill within their physiotherapy practice

·        Develop clinical reasoning when using acupuncture as an integrated skill within physiotherapy

·        Develop competence in applying their clinical skills to the practice of acupuncture

·        Develop the critical and analytical problem-based learning skills, and the transferable skills of students in relation to acupuncture

·        Develop skills in integrating safe acupuncture into the manual skills of the physiotherapist

·        Enhance the development of interpersonal skills in relation to acupuncture

·        Provide education and acupuncture training that is approved by AACP and is in accordance with the Health and Safety regulations.

Intended Learning Outcomes/Objectives

Knowledge and understanding:

1.      Develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles and philosophies underlying the use of acupuncture in clinical practice;

2.      Appreciate and adhere to the contraindications and precautions for the application of acupuncture

3.      Describe and illustrate knowledge of the theoretical basis of Western medical acupuncture;

4.      Evaluate basic concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM);

5.      Identify and demonstrate relevant anatomical, physiological, microbiological and pathological principles related to acupuncture, and human health and disease;

6.      Demonstrate an awareness of current developments in the practice and theory of Western medical acupuncture;

7.      Demonstrate an awareness of the legislative and professional standards and codes of practice guiding the practice of acupuncture

8.      Outline and appraise the evidence base for the application of acupuncture, and its integration within physiotherapy strategies

9.      Evaluate their own academic, professional and clinical performance within respect to acupuncture in physiotherapy.


Skills and attributes:

10.   Establish skills in technique and practice in accordance with the Health and Safety regulations, and within the scope of professional practice.

11.   Locate and demonstrate common acupuncture points in relation to current physiotherapy knowledge

12.   Apply acupuncture needling and electroacupuncture to appropriate conditions, mainly focusing on musculoskeletal pain problems within a physiotherapy problem-solving paradigm;

13.   Undertake skilled competent, safe, evaluative, reflective acupuncture practice within a physiotherapy problem-solving paradigm;

14.   Communicate effectively with patients and colleagues about acupuncture using a variety of means

15.   Manage time and prioritise workloads during acupuncture treatment within physiotherapy


Teaching and learning methods used

A variety of teaching strategies and learning approaches are used including:

·        Lectures, seminars, and tutorials

·        Workshops

·        Problem-based learning scenarios

·        Self-directed learning

These methods are facilitated by:

·        Study manuals, handouts, and a course textbook

·        The use of research-based teaching materials and methods; and

·        Case studies

·        Practical work on themselves, fellow students -and patients will be used to integrate the student’s clinical and theoretical knowledge within the process of clinical reasoning.

·        Psychomotor skills will be closely supervised.     

·        The course will not exceed 16 students to one tutor for all practical and clinical tuition.


Eligibility Criteria/Professional Membership

Students must:

·        Have CORU registration or are currently in the process of obtaining such

·        Have ISCP membership or overseas equivalent (participants will need to supply their registration number)

·        Be able to practise acupuncture in a clinical setting between the course parts (participants must have valid professional insurance)

·        Be able to give informed consent to receive repetitive needling delivered by fellow participants and the tutor (special consideration must be made to those being or trying to become pregnant).

·        Be able to treat three separate patients in a safe and legal environment for their case studies. Failure to do so may affect your AACP registration (see AACP website for safety guidelines).

·        Attend all 6 days of the course and complete any necessary assessments

Assessment methods used

Several assessment methods are used all assessed on a pass / fail basis, participants will have to successfully complete the following assignments to be awarded a foundation course certificate;

a)      Observation of practical work

b)     Coursework (reflective diary on two clinical cases)

c)      Practical examination of needling skills

d)     Written examination (multi-choice)

e)     Case study analysis presentation (written case study –  max 2,500 words)

Assessments (a) and (b) occur throughout the course and time allocation is as per course attendance hours.  Assessment (c) requires regular practice between parts A and B of the course to maintain needling skills to the level gained during part A.  A pass must be gained in assessments b, d, and e and compensation is allowed between observation of practical work (a) and the practical examination of needling (d). Overall, approximately 300 hours of training will be undertaken.

Event Description

The AACP Acupuncture Foundation Course provides acupuncture training for physiotherapists which enables them to practise acupuncture as a modality integrated into their current physiotherapy practise in a skilled and safe manner.  The course provides training in line with the programme of Education and Training Issue 3.07, 11th of May 2012 produced by The Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (AACP). The course is divided equally between direct contact time and self-directed learning. The course provides a Western medical approach to acupuncture - grounded in current research evidence rather than in traditional Chinese philosophical thinking. This course does not cover the traditional Chinese medical approach to acupuncture, except where Western scientific theory and evidence can be used to explain concepts of traditional Chinese medicine (e.g. fascial planes and meridians). Participants will be encouraged to critically evaluate their own clinical practice and where appropriate, challenge the current evidence base. This course is designed to provide participants with a rationale for using acupuncture as an adjunctive treatment for the management of common musculoskeletal pain conditions. Topics covered include the laboratory and radiological research which is used to explain the mechanism of acupuncture analgesia; current evidence from acupuncture clinical trials research; and the non-specific "placebo" effects associated with acupuncture analgesia. In addition to needling classical acupuncture points, participants will be introduced to the concept of myofascial trigger points, and the use of acupuncture needling for pain associated with myofascial trigger points.

Presenter Profile

Presenter Profile – Dr Christopher Norris 

Dr. Norris is a physiotherapist with over 35 years’ experience treating MSK conditions. He holds a Master’s degree in exercise science, and a doctorate in spinal rehabilitation. Chris is the author of 14 books on physiotherapy, exercise therapy, and acupuncture including leading textbooks on Sports Injuries and Back Rehabilitation. He has also published two well-known textbooks on acupuncture practise for musculoskeletal (MSK) practitioners. Chris is one of the founding AACP tutors who helped establish the 6-day acupuncture foundation course, and his course has been accredited from the outset. 

Cost to Attend

€750 Standard Rate

€700 Earlybird Rate (ends on 1st of February 2019)

€700 New Graduate Rate

*Please note that the price includes 1 year AACP membership - valued at €100

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