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Understanding Low Back Pain Spinal Study Day

Understanding Low Back Pain Spinal Study Day

  • 12 Jan, 2019
  • 9.00 am to 16.00 pm
RCSI Building, University Hospital,

Presenter Name

Mr. Derek Cawley & Dr. Susan Murphy

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Musculoskeletal Therapy, Orthopedics, Pain Management

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Learning Objectives

Learning outcomes:At the completion of the course participants will be able to:


  1. Describe spinal triage and the fundamentals of assessment in the management of low back pain


  1. Discuss stratified care and the use of the STarT Back Tool


  1. Interpret the 'Bio' of Biopsychosocial Low back pain


  1. Explain the contribution of 'psychosocial' factors to the persistence of low back pain


  1. Review Red Flag Pathology in spinal presentations including Cauda Equina


  1. Recognize indications for spinal surgery in degenerative spinal pathology


  1. recall classifications of spinal surgery


  1. Apply current evidence in physiotherapy management for patients with low back pain

including aspects of psychologically informed practice for the more debilitated 'high risk’ patient

Event Description

This training day brings together a Spinal Surgeon and Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist to present current concepts in the non-surgical and surgical management of mechanical low back pain. We will examine spinal triage and assessment, stratified care and the STarT Back Tool, the importance of biological, psychological and sociological factors in the persistence of low back pain and the identification of those patients at risk of poor outcome. Red flag pathology and management of cauda equina will be reviewed. The surgical management of degenerative spinal pathology will be covered. The physiotherapy management will address both the physical and psychological dimensions of a patient's presentation and will cover aspects of psychologically informed physiotherapy as utilised in the Waterford Backcare programme. The training day will be a combination of lectures and case studies. The case studies will supplement the lecture based presentations.

Presenter Profile

Derek is an orthopaedic-trained spinal surgeon currently based at Tallaght University Hospital. He has trained abroad at the Institute de la Colonne Vertèbrale, CHU Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France and at Stanmore Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London UK as well as a number of international bursaries and awards. Derek has published over 50 research papers, 4 book chapters and a new book on spinal anatomy. Derek is the editor and creator of which is in use nationally in most musculoskeletal trauma clinics. Derek is a committee member with the European Spine Society and maintains a keen interest in the progression of managing spinal pathology.



Susan is a clinical specialist physiotherapist at University Hospital Waterford. Susan graduated from UCD and worked both in the UK and Ireland specialising in the management of musculoskeletal dysfunction. She obtained her MSc in Manipulative Therapy from Coventry University, England and on her return to Ireland worked at St. Vincent's University hospital and the Blackrock Clinic. Susan has worked in the BackCare programme at University Hospital Waterford since 2003 and has developed a high level of clinical expertise in the assessment and management of low back pain. Susan completed her Phd in 2014 which explored the effectiveness of stratified (STarT Back) group care for patients with low back pain ( LBP) in primary care. She developed a novel  'High Risk' group intervention for the more psychologically distressed patients. Susan has several publications and has presented her research findings both nationally and internationally.  Currently Susan is an Occasional lecturer at UCD School of Physiotherapy and previously lectured there full time before embarking on her PhD.

Cost to Attend

ISCP South East Member rate:- €45

ISCP Member rate:- €50

Non-Member rate:- €87

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