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JEMS Movement A.R.T.

JEMS Movement A.R.T.

  • 26 Sep, 2019 to 29 Sep, 2019
  • 8.30 am to 5.30 pm
The Hyatt Centric
The Liberties, Dublin 8

Presenter Name

Joanne Elphinston and Kent fyrth
Performance Consultant

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Speciality Tag

Musculoskeletal Therapy

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Cost to Attend

Non-ISCP Members €1,105 (Standard)
ISCP Members €835
( ISCP Member )
(ISCP Student Member )
CPPP Members €750
( CIG/EG/Branch Member )

Learning Objectives

This transformative course is for rehabilitation professionals who are ready to evolve beyond prescriptive exercise routines, to really understand their clients' movement, what influences it, how to assess it, unlock it and progress it in one of the most dynamic and supportive environments available.


Make better movement possible for people of all ages and physical backgrounds. Control is not enough – understand the strategies which reduce body stress and expand physical potential by creating and controlling forces naturally and effectively.

Get ready to think, feel and move as you learn to see and experience force flow in the body, and understand how it drives effective movement and links to clinical presentation.

Learn the magic of skilled verbal and tactile cueing to facilitate motor performance.

Take a fresh approach to posture, based on natural reflexes and sensory cues, and create a greater sense of ease, elasticity and freedom.

Discover the powerful new concept of Functional Force Management®  for analysing movement strategies and developing programmes which support and enhance natural movement.

Develop an “expert eye” for movement, and learn to identify the most effective start point for your programme by using simple, relevant movement tests to uncover the patient’s natural strategies for force management. Address the cause, not just the symptom, and integrate movement with your manual therapy skills.

Expand your skills, understand the science, and learn asimple but powerful method for helping people to take charge of their bodies, and invest in a healthy active future. You will have a great time, and your clients and patients will love what you bring back to them.

Event Description

The JEMS®approach to assessment, treatment and training is used with high performance athletes and professional performing artists, for rehabilitation and treatment with a wide variety of presentations in hospitals and clinics, and with people of all ages and physical abilities.

Developed over twenty five years to address a wide range of rehabilitation and performance needs, JEMS®is built upon a foundation of neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology, sports performance and rehabilitation research, and balanced by the insights of a wide variety of holistic movement approaches.

JEMS®encourages movement and rehabilitation professionals to think critically and scientifically but also creatively, and to meet the unique needs of their patients and clients with both technical excellence and enjoyment. It is about making complex concepts simple and easy to understand for everyone, so that people can develop the confidence, curiosity and independence to move well throughout their lives.

JEMS®is used by practitioners around the world to help their clients to move for success, to overcome injury, and to simply enjoy the potential of their bodies.

Presenter Profile

Joanne Elphinston


The creator of JEMS®, Joanne Elphinston, is a leading performance consultant in elite sport and the performing arts, a practicing physiotherapist specialising in chronic disorders, and a respected international lecturer and author in the fields of movement and rehabilitation.

In addition to her extensive international teaching schedule, Joanne’s performance clients include Olympic, World Cup and other professional athletes, dancers and top classical musicians. She was Head of Performance Movement for the British Olympic Association, an author and speaker for the Swedish Sports Confederation, and a consultant to numerous national sporting bodies including the FA, Great Britain Kayak, Royal Yachting Association and England Athletics.

Joanne’s work has been integrated into many fields, from child development through to falls prevention, musculoskeletal function and neurological recovery, and it is loved by practitioners for its intensely human, holistic but highly practical approach to physical performance.

Joanne’s 2013 book, “Stability, Sport and Performance Movement: Practical Biomechanics and Systematic Training for Movement Efficacy and Injury Prevention” 2nd ed. has invited exceptional reviews from all sectors, and provides a good introduction to some of the concepts presented on the course.


Kent Fyrth


Kent’s background is in physiotherapy, and his own professional journey has given him a wonderful breadth of experience to draw from as a teacher of JEMS®.

Kent’s holistic treatment philosophy underpins his breadth of experience which ranges from elite sports and performing arts medicine to chronic pain. He holds an advanced qualification in Manipulative Physiotherapy and a certification in Clinical Pilates through Dance Medicine Australia, which is complemented by his qualification in Somatic Experiencing, an approach developed to address symptoms of trauma and stress which are expressed physically.

Formerly based at the Welsh Institute of Sport, Kent was the Physiotherapy Coordinator for the Great Britain Sailing Development Squad and was the Head Physiotherapist for the Welsh National Netball team from 2000- 2009, as well as delivering the physical development programmes for the Esporta National Junior Tennis Academy in Wales.

Kent has been looking after the dancers of The National Dance Company of Wales since 2000 and Ballet Cymru since 2008, as well as musicians from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. In addition to a long history in JEMS teaching, Kent regularly lectured on injury prevention for the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.

In his own time, his interests lie in Aikido, diving and kayak paddling.

Cost to Attend

CPPP Members - €750

ISCP Members - €835

Non-ISCP Members €1,105

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