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Slings Body Reading & Movement Strategies

Slings Body Reading & Movement Strategies

  • 06 Dec, 2019 to 08 Dec, 2019
  • Fri, Dec 06 - 2:00pm - 9:00pm Sat, Dec 07 - 1:00pm – 8:00pm Sun, Dec 08 - 11:00am - 7:00pm
Live and Breathe Pilates

Presenter Name

Mumu Morwitzer

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Musculoskeletal Therapy, Pilates

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€489 - €549 tiered pricing (Standard)
€489 - €549 tiered pricing
( ISCP Member )
€489 - €549 tiered pricing
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€489 - €549 tiered pricing
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Learning Objectives

·      Discuss the practical approaches to holistic movement work.

·      Discuss the characteristics of balanced posture and efficient movement.

·      Discuss the importance of tensegrity and its value for posture, movement and health.

·      Explore the centre as a pivot point.

·      Differentiate between active elongation and embodied elongation, as well as their benefits for body, feeling, health and movement.

·      Discuss the guidelines for balanced, structural relationships, including practical examples.

·      Discuss the difference between temporary postural changes and long-term imbalances and their impact on body, movement, self-awareness and health.

·      Discuss the characteristics of posture-based training.

·      Discuss the principles and terminology of body reading.

·      Discuss the seven steps of body reading.

·      Discuss the relevance of physical history in regard to posture and movement.

·      Practical application of body reading.

·      Create posture-based training programs with exercises from the Pilates and Slings in Motion repertoire.

Event Description

Slings Body Reading & Movement Strategies is based on Tom Myers' Myofascial Meridians. Train the eye to recognise bony relationships and myofascial strain, as well as the body-wide effects of localised patterns. Based on seven clearly-defined body reading steps, you can define aims for posture-based training and put them into practice with the help of Slings exercises. Issues such as unbalanced tensegrity, dynamic stability and movement efficiency, as well as the influence of physical history, are discussed with many practical examples. Slings Body Reading & Movement Strategies makes the complexity of holistic posture evaluation accessible and practical for one-on-one and group lessons.

Presenter Profile

Muriel, known to most as Mumu, is the Senior Educator and Managing Director of art of motion academy® Australia, a renowned training organization for Contemporary Pilates & Slings Myofascial Training based in Switzerland and Australia, which was founded by Karin Gurtner. 

Growing up in the Swiss Alps Mumu enjoyed skiing, snowboarding, hiking, dancing and white water kayaking. Mumu trained in Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Pilates, Choreography and Anatomy for Dancers at the Laban Centre in London. It was here that she discovered her love for Pilates, developed a passion for educating others and honed a focus on preventing injuries in movement-linked professions.

However at times she felt as though her training was lacking something. She now knows that to be the deeper and more contemporary science-based understanding of the body’s interconnectedness, as well as the experience lead embodiment of that knowledge that art of motion and Anatomy Trains has given her.  

art of motion’s holistic and contemporary approach to functional exercise and exercise sequencing applied to Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training was refreshing for Mumu, and an inspiring turning point. When she was asked to study under Karin and join the art of motion lecturing team in 2009 she felt very privileged and honoured.

Being a part of the art of motion team kept Mumu in touch with Karin’s findings, one of them being Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains concept; it will be forever a memorable moment! Being introduced to Tom’s concept and application broadened her personal ‘body reading’ horizon and understanding of whole body interconnectedness dramatically, as well as how to apply it to functional movement. The more she delved into Anatomy Trains, Mumu could see the missing pieces of her ‘puzzle’ coming together and so her approach and her clients results changed for the better and are to this day very rewarding!  

Mumu has greatly enjoyed her journey so far and knows there is more to learn for evermore, which is inspiring and exciting to her!  

Cost to Attend

€489 - €549 tiered pricing

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