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PIM: Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

PIM: Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation

  • 29 Jun, 2019 to 30 Jun, 2019
  • 8.30 am to 5pm Saturday, 8.30am to 4pm Sunday
St James Hospital
Ushers, D03 VX82,

Presenter Name

Timothy Mann
Australian Physiotherapy Association Titled Musculskeletal Physiotherapist

Target Participant Level


Speciality Tag

Musculoskeletal Therapy

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Cost to Attend

Course 340 Euro, Instrument 180 Euro, Total 520 Euro (Standard)
Course 305, Intrument 180 Euro, Total 485 Euro
( ISCP Member )
Course not suitable
(ISCP Student Member )
Course 305, Intrument 180 Euro, Total 485 Euro
( CIG/EG/Branch Member )

Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes:  At the end of the course the participants should be able to:

1.  understand the potential value of instrument mobilisation in musculoskeletal physiotherapy within a bio-psycho-social framework

2. understand the background, development and mechanical characteristics of  mobilising instruments

3. evaluate the evidence base of systematic reviews, controlled trials and research in to the application of forces using spring-loaded instruments.

4. identify indications, contraindications and precautions to the use of spring-loaded instruments 

5. demonstrate competence in the selection of techniques, dosage and application of the instrument

6.  examine, select and correctly administer appropriate PIM techniques to the following regions: Cervical and Thoracic spine, Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist and Hand

7.  apply PIM techniques in relation to specific clinical presentations

8. understand protocols for reassessment, review of technique and recording


Event Description

PIM will increase your clinical effectiveness. PIM is a method of mobilisation which uses a spring-loaded instrument to mobilise joints. Physios who have done these courses report enhanced clinical outcomes, patient and referring doctor acceptance, efficiency and practice growth.

You will acquire excellent new techniques for the TMJ, cervical spine, radicular pain, the A-C joint, carpal joints and more. PIM is an evidence-based effective substitute for many mobilising and manipulative techniques. It will be a new dimension to your manual expertise as well as saving your thumbs.

Developed by a APA-titled Musculoskeletal physio who completed Australian College of Physiotherapy Specialisation in Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy training, PIM has been taught all over Australia and internationally since October 2009. Over 400 physios in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Dubai have found that they get great clinical results with increased efficiency and safety whilst saving their thumbs.

Based entirely on established physiotherapy mobilising principles including Mulligan's positional fault concept, Maitland facet joint glides, muscle energy technique and osteopathic upslope-downslope biomechanics, this instrument replicates mobilising and manipulative forces with far greater safety, reliability and specificity compared to manual techniques.


Presenter Profile

Tim Mann is an Australian APA-titled Musculoskeletal physiotherapist.  He qualified in New Zealand in 1977 and graduated with a Master’s of Manipulative Physiotherapy from Sydney University in 1994.  He qualified as an Accredited Mulligan Concept Teacher in 2001 and completed ACP Musculoskeletal Specialisation studies in 2018.  He developed the Physiotherapy Instrument Moblisation Course (PIM) and has been teaching it in Australia and internationally since 2009.  In addition to working in private practice and teaching the Mulligan Concept and PIM, Tim also tutors on APA spinal courses.


Cost to Attend

Early Bird total before 31-03-2019, 485 Euro

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