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Chartered Physiotherapist

Career Level

Clinical Specialist


Qualified Chartered Physiotherapist


Full Time



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May 31

Chartered Physiotherapist


Job Description

Required two Chartered Physiotherapists with experience in Electro Therapy especially in the use of Ultra Sound and Shock Wave Therapy. A new Clinic is to be opened shortly in the Lee Road Medical Centre in Cork.

The work will include treatment on Fibromyalgia by resetting Spinal Nerve and Central Nervous System and the use of Neuro Biological Modulation and Fraxel Radio Frequency on the patients painful points; treatment of chronic back pain, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. Treatment of a range of sports injuries including hamstring tears and tendonitis; treating sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction through the use of Ultra Sound and enhancing sports performance by regenerating blood vessels, soft tissue and increasing blood flow in the mussels of the sports person being treated.

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Michael O'Connell