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Career Level

Basic Grade


Undergraduate Degree in Physiotherapy, Membership of ISCP


Full time permanent Phsyiotherapist


As per HSE Scale

Apply Before

May 17



Job Description

Full time permanent physiotherapy position for a private 93 bed nursing home (Mon-Fri). Suitable for newly qualified physio who must be CORU registered. The Physio will perform physiotherapeutic assessment of Residents with diverse presentations and varying physical and psychological conditions, and will be responsible for providing a clinical diagnosis and developing and delivering an individualised treatment programme. The successful candidate will be expected to build a rapport with Residents and maintain communication with relatives and carers as well as other healthcare professionals such as occupational therapists, GP's, health visitors and other Allied Health Professionals.

Physiotherapy is a hands-on career in every sense. The successful candidate should be tolerant, patient, compassionate and a team player. Other desirable attributes are: be practical, level headed and have good communication skills.

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Physio in Nursing Home; Full Time Permanent Position
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Ninfa Cabanlit