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Functional Assessment of the Female Pelvic Floor

Functional Assessment of the Female Pelvic Floor

  • 16 Nov, 2019
  • 9:30 Start
  • 16:30 Finish
Blackrock Clinic

Presenter Name

Helen Keeble

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Women's Health & Continence

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125.00 (Standard)
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(ISCP Student Member )
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Learning Objectives

What you will learn from attending this course:
- Why a standing or functional assessment of the female pelvic floor is beneficial and necessary addition to your toolkit
- Functional assessment skills of the pelvic floor muscles that are transferable to females from ANY background - from nulliparous to multiparous, from the power lifter struggling to maintain continence at their maximum lift to the deconditioned female struggling with prolapse symptoms by the time it gets to midday.
- The confidence to perform vaginal assessments in positions and movements other than crook lying


Event Description

Are you a physiotherapist working in pelvic health?
Do any of your patients report leaking on sit to stand or with certain movements/exercise?
Do any of your patients ever say that their prolapse symptoms are worse with standing, after walking or at the end of the day?
Do you want to increase your confidence and skills to advance your internal assessments in positions and movements beyond just crook lying?
Do you want to establish if what is found during vaginal examination in lying is really that different to what is found in standing or other functional movements?
Do you want to set yourself apart as a physiotherapist who is truly empowering your clients to get to where they want to be?

Then this is the course for you! Let’s face it, women do not spend their lives on their backs! This course will show you why we owe it to our female patients to be able to assess, and therefore treat, them in positions and movements that are applicable specifically to them. Adopting this approach sees greater patient compliance and more efficient treatment results.


Course schedule:

9:30 Registration

10 Welcome & Introduction

10:15 Functional assessment of the female pelvic floor (tutorial)

12:15 Lunch

13:00 Functional assessment of the female pelvic floor during standing (practical)

13:45 Functional assessment of the female pelvic floor during movement including sit to stand/squat and deadlift (practical)

15:00 Tea break

15:15 Advancing further functional assessments eg jumping, running, skipping (tutorial)

16:00 Reflection & discussion

16:30 Course end

In order to attend this course it is crucial that you are already trained in vaginal assessments and working within pelvic health. You do not, however, need to be versed in CrossFit, weight lifting or any other sport – the exercise element is just one arm of this course – the main focus is on function which is applicable to ALL patients.


“As a keen exerciser, I need to know that my pelvic floor is functioning well in positions beyond just lying. That Helen could assess me in this way was a huge selling point for me.” Tara, 37

“As a novice power-lifter I had been having issues with leaking and deadlifts. I had been trying to figure it out myself by trying different bracing, belts and breathing techniques. Helen however was easily able to assess my pelvic floor during all different braces, breathing methods and during the deadlift! We quicjly figured out the best strategy forward for me & this has been invaluable for my training.” Jane, 50

“I had noticed that my prolapse symptoms were only noticeable in standing or after a long walk. I hadn’t even heard of having a pelvic floor check in standing before but it added so much to my awareness of how to engage my muscles in this position. I am so much less aware now of my symptoms but more importantly, know exactly what to work on to improve them going forward” Sarah, 39

Presenter Profile

This brand new and unique functional pelvic floor assessment course is presented to you by Helen Keeble. Helen is an experienced and passionate pelvic health physiotherapist with a specialist interest in female sports. Helen has worked with many different types of female exercisers over the years, covering most disciplines. Helen has spent the last 18 months of her career working inside a CrossFit gym assessing and treating female pelvic health complaints related to a huge variety of functional movements and positions (eg jumping, running, squatting and lifting) from all kinds of backgrounds; from the complete novice to the competing professional athlete. Helen currently works fully in private practice in Dublin and London and has been tutoring with the POGP since 2015.

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