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Chartered Physiotherapists

Career Level

Clinical Specialist


Qualified Chartered Physiotherapists


Full Time


€40,000 plus

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Jun 30

Chartered Physiotherapists


Job Description

Required two Chartered Physiotherapists with experience in Electro Therapy especially in the use of Ultra Sound and Shock Wave Therapy. The work location is in the Lee Road Medical Centre in Cork.

The work will include treatment of Fibromyalgia by the use of an innovative  Medical Device that can by Neuro  Modulation and Fraxel Radio Frequency on the patients painful body parts, treat successully this very debilitating problem. The work will also include treatment of Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis, Chronic Back Pain, Tendonitis, Hamstrings, Tennis Elbow, Cold Shoulder and several other injuries.

Another innovative treatment is for sufferers of Erectile Dysfunction. With the use of Acoustic Waves from Low Frequency Ultra Sound the blood vessels and soft tissue can be regenerated in the patient's penile artery thereby restoring sufficient blood flow for sexual performance.

A further innovative treatment is for Enhancing Sports Perforformance. Again through the use of low frequencvy Ultra Sound and Shock Waves the blood vessels and Soft Tissue can be rejuvenated in the muscles of the Sports Person.

Salary will be commensurate with experience but with the use of the innovative technology in the Clinic the positions offer extremely lucrative remuneration and in very pleasant working environment.

To learn more about the technology on offer as well as about the Irish company click on and

Apply to or to or by letter to Bioactive Therapy Ireland Ltd., Unit 11, Tramore Commercial Park, Tramore Road, Cork.

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