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Physiotherapist - Overseas Volunteer Development Worker

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Physiotherapist - Overseas Volunteer Development Worker

Job Description

Volunteer Physiotherapist - Special Needs Programme Haiti

Description of Assignment

Viatores Christi (VC) works in the area of development cooperation in the faith based development sector. We specialise in the recruitment, training and placement of skilled volunteers on projects identified by a mission partner which meets the needs of the beneficiaries. We also specialise in the monitoring and implementation of projects as well as in the provision of experts in developing countries for targeted consultancy. Since 1960 we have recruited, trained and placed over 2000 volunteers in 48 different countries. Today we have volunteers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean Assignment

Title: Physiotherapist - Special Needs Programme

Type of Assignment: International Development Worker Project

Title: NPFS Developing Services for Persons with Disabilities

Duration: 12 Months (may be extended to 36 months*)

Location, Country: Port au Prince, Haiti

Expected Starting Date: Q4 2019

Brief Project Description: NPFS Haiti's Special Needs Programme comes under the umbrella of the larger NPFS Haiti organisation which in turn formspart of the NPH International network. The Special Needs Programme provides residential, educational and therapeutic services to children and adults with physical and neurological disabilities and their families. It does so with the stated aim of achieving participation, equality and full human rights for individuals with disability in Haiti, where poverty, prejudice and a lack of state services can often lead to the neglect and abandonment of this vulnerable population. In addition to its core activities, the NPFS Special Needs Programme uses training, advocacy and partnership arrangements with like-minded organisations to work towards this aim.

Current programme locations and activities include the following:

St. Luke Hospital and International Training Centre.

NPFS Kenscoff - Kay Christine. 24-hour residential home within the Ste. Helen complex which includes an orphanage, kindergarten, elementary school and other support services. 30 children and adults approx. - Kay Retreat. Volunteer accommodation.

Tabarre - Kay Ste. Germaine. Special needs school. 80 students approx.

Kay Gabriel - Rehabilitation centre for child and adult patients. 160 therapy sessions per week approx. Petion-Ville - Kay Eliane. Life skills workshop and vocational centre. 10 young adults approx.

This Irish AId Overseas Aid Budget (through Misean Cara) funded Developing Services for Persons with Special Needs – Haiti 2020-2022 project will, through the placement of a Volunteer Physiotherapist for a total engagement of 3 years aim to strengthen and expand the existing professional skills locally, both in NPFS Kay St. Germaine and in sister organization St. Luke's Hospital, and in so doing, increase the independence of children with special needs by optimizing their treatment and education plans, and also of patients recovering from stroke, by optimizing their rehabilitation.

The following people will be trained and mentored: • NPFS - Teachers, classroom assistants, childcare staff, therapists, parents; • St. Luke’s Hospital - Doctors, nurses, social workers, family members of patients. The intention is to increase and improve the capacity of NPFS and St. Luke Hospital, and promote the inclusion of people living with disabilities and neurological conditions in all aspects of Haitian society. The focus of this program is to build on the proven training interventions for organisational capacity building and development that have being going on over the last number of years.

NPFS Haiti has systematically improved its capacities through the transfer of knowledge and skills and the upgrading of systems that contribute to the achievement of programme goals. Training interventions are an integral part of the programme, and a typical year could see 10 professional training sessions, 20 days of block trainings, 1 to 3 extended expert visits for local school and therapy staff, 6 training sessions for Haitian parents and families, 6 to 10 weeks of block outreach work with national partner organisations, and several speaking engagements at Port-au-Prince hospitals. Each individual project-supported initiative has had a positive effect on NPFS immediate capacity to deliver services to a standard that is exceptional in Haiti and well-recognised internationally. Future sustainability has also been enhanced by collective impact. Experts (physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, PE Teacher Trainer, Special Education specialist) will upskill a wide range of local stakeholders through training and mentoring, including members of the local NPFS physical therapy team, doctors, nurses and social workers at St. Luke Hospital (NPFS sister organisation), teachers, and parents, leading to improved practices.

Organisational Context: The VC Volunteer Physiotherapist will report to the Director of the Special Needs Programme.

Type of Assignment Place: assignment without family

Description of tasks: Tasks will include the following and others, as assigned. The operating environment in Haiti is fast-moving so a high degree of flexibility is required by all parties to respond effectively to existing and emerging needs. NPFS stakeholders include NPFS staff, beneficiaries, families, community agents and partner organisations. NPFS programme locations are as previously listed.

The VC Volunteer Physiotherapist will provide on the job training and coaching to two Haitian counterparts as specialists in this area and will aim to continue to provide formal basic training to doctors, nurses and social workers in St. Luke Hospital in order to build staff capacity.

Developing Services for Persons with Special Needs - Haiti 2020-2022:

• Agree and document detailed workplans to provide a clear schedule for staff and volunteers for the next 3 years

• Ensure that fortnightly team meetings take place to monitor progress against the planned results in this funding proposal and ensure mitigation plans are in place for any off-track items and Viatores Christi is informed of any issues likely to impact the success of the funded project

• Provide "on the job" training and mentoring to local physiotherapist (NPFS staff) in performing clinical assessments and developing treatment plans for children with disability

• Provide formal introductory training on the basics of physical therapy to doctors, nurses and social workers at NPFS sites and sister organisation (working alongside local physical therapist)

• Perform assessments and develop individual treatment plans including positioning guidelines, exercise plans, dietary recommendations and general care, for stroke patients.

• Working alongside professional staff at St. Luke Hospital, assess and treat patients impacted by stroke and other neurological conditions - assess and implement care plan for those requiring specialist rehabilitation • Provide family members of St. Luke stroke patients with guidelines for home care after discharge from hospital and provide referrals for ongoing physical therapy at Kay Ste. Germaine Work with stakeholders at all programme locations to:

• Train and educate stakeholders at all programme locations on relevant theories, techniques, equipment and approaches.

• Draw up outreach plans and carry out training visits

• Plan and organise Health Information Days for families of internal and external patients

• Coach and mentor local staff and designated counterpart(s).

• Co-operate with multi-disciplinary team and internal management structures.

• Fulfil reporting, monitoring and evaluation requirements at project and organisational level including monitoring of progress towards the planned results and provide formal reports to VC - reports to include updates on progress against targets, financial update, and stories of change where possible including photographs to demonstrate the impact of funding support

• Other duties, as assigned


• Degree/Masters in Physical Therapy (US) or Physiotherapy7

• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills

• Past experience of working in special needs programs

• Good administration skills

• Fluency in French an advantage

• Ability to work with a wide range of people in a respectful and collaborative manner

• Experience in mentoring / supervising

• Good understanding of development issues and knowledge of Haiti an advantage

Conditions of Service: Volunteer Allowances (contributions towards return flight, vaccinations, monthly living allowances, full insurance cover) Volunteer accommodation at Kenscoff and/or Petion-Ville at no charge. All bills paid and some basic food items provided. Transport between work and accommodation also provided. Volunteer must familiarise with and adhere to the security policies in force by NPH for Haiti.

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Physiotherapist, Volunteer, Overseas Development, Special Needs
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