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Physiotherapist - Overseas Volunteer Development Worker

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Physiotherapist - Overseas Volunteer Development Worker

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Physiotherapy Specialist Uganda Description of Assignment VC is an Irish-based organisation supporting and working within the faith-based international development sector.

Viatores Christi aims to supportpeople most in need.

Our global programme and partnerships have evolved over time and we have long-term commitments to communities where we have a history of making change.

We also specialise in the area of grant support, monitoring and implementation of projects as well as in the recruitment of experts/consultants for clearly defined projects in developing countries.

In all countries and areas in which we work, we undergo contextual analysis and needs assessments that inform the nature of our interventions.

Ourwork is focused on communities where people are in greatest need.

The organisation is needs-driven focusing on assignments in projects identifiedby its partners in the field which meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

We specialise in the recruitment, training and placement of skilled volunteers on projects identified by a mission partner which meets the needs of the beneficiaries.

VC holds comprehensive compliance status to the Comhlámh Code of Good Practice for volunteer sending organisations.

Since 1960 VC have recruited, trained and placed over 2000 volunteers in 48 different countries.

Today we have volunteers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Assignment Title: Physiotherapy Specialist Type of Assignment: International Development Worker

Project Title: Strengthening & Capacity Building of the Physiotherapy Department at Village of Joy

Location, Country: Rushooka, Kabale, Uganda

Expected Starting Date: Q4 2019

Brief Project Description: Village of Joy, Rushooka, Kabale, Uganda is a fully recognised charitable institution within Uganda. It has the capacity to deliver high-quality services to disadvantaged children, evident in the time that the centre has been operational. The centre has two management staff, five teaching staff and two support staff who are employed on a permanent basis. Since 2015, the Village of Joy centre has developed the following key areas of support for its community:

• Have run an educative programme for disabled children in relational, cognitive, practical and general self-management survival skills for the past 3 years with the help of four trained primary teachers and a specialist in education for disabilities.

• Established the vocational institute which caters for skills development in tailoring, wood work and hairdressing for the homeless children, youth and school drop outs for economic empowerment.

• Managed to recruit and maintain teachers for the school for disabilities and the vocational institute.

• The Centre has also efficiently managed the orphan supporting programme which caters for the basic needs of orphans mainly HIV/AIDS orphans from the 23 villages of Rushooka Parish. The basic needs catered for include the provision of education, medical care through liaison with local health facilities, clothing and food. • Provided accommodation and food at the school for upwards of 30 children with disabilities who are unable to travel back to their communities.

• Constructed a modern centre for children with disabilities. This centre has a physiotherapy centre for the medical management of the children and VC has already deployed a qualified international Volunteer Development Worker (VDW) Physiotherapy Specialist to work with a local counterpart in a mentoring capacity in 2018-19. .

• All children in need have received regular physiotherapy, outreach clinics have been carried out and the teachers have been educated in basic physiotherapy. All children receiving physiotherapy have improved in outcome measures and subjectively parents and teachers report great improvements. Outreach clinics have included focus groups and disability education which has received positive feedback. It has been noted that a multidisciplinary approach with increased capacity for outreach would help the centre, and for this reason VC is partnering with Village of Joy for a further 3 years to support the deployment of local part-time Speech and Language and Occupational Therapists and a Physiotherapist as well as a VDW Physiotherapist.

• This project seeks to build capacity of Karidari Seed Educational House for the Disabled (KSEHD) specifically in multidisciplinary rehabilitation and community education, through the appointment of an international development worker from Viatores Christi, and expanding local team members. Through capacity-building of the Centre, increased numbers of children will have access to essential rehabilitative services. The VC VDW will help to build both management and clinical skills in the therapy and teaching local staff through peer learning, mentoring, 1:1 training and regular teaching. A local physiotherapist will be mentored to allow them to run a multidisciplinary department including outreach work. “Rehabilitation is a set of measures that assist individuals, who experience or are likely to experience disability, to achieve and maintain optimum functioning in interaction with their environments" (WHO, 2011). Organisational Context: The VC Volunteer Development Worker will report to the local Project Co-ordinator in Village of Joy. Type of Assignment Place: assignment without family Description of tasks: The International Volunteer Development Worker (VDW) Physiotherapy Specialist will be capable of providing training, development and support to local personnel in order that the project will become sustainable into the future by carrying out the following tasks:

• Carry out multidisciplinary screening, ICF assessment (International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health), set goals and outcome measures for every child.

• Make referrals as necessary

• Provide training to children with disabilities and their parents/carers in disability management skills and self-care across physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy, and vocational skills

• Assess children and provide with assistive devices where necessary (e.g. orthotics, wheelchairs, adapted cutlery, picture boards)

• Refer children for assessment and surgery as appropriate (orthopedic or plastic surgery at CORSU hospital in Kampala or other locations as identified) and arrange transport and rehabilitation at Village of Joy following surgery.

• Conduct daily physio individual and group sessions for children and complete clinical notes. (residential and outpatient)

• Conduct Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) clinic with local physiotherapist, local Speech & Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist to implement treatment plans and monitor progress for children with multiple needs. Include teacher/parents as appropriate and provide feedback at staff meetings. Review paperwork monthly for completeness.

• Hold monthly education sessions in local schools on disability awareness and rights to encourage increased acceptance of children with disability in mainstream school and society

• Hold staff meetings every 2 weeks to ensure project is running as planned, and project progress is regularly assessed. Implement mitigation plans for any off track items identified and notify VC. • Submit formal 6 monthly reports to VC in the required templates

• Commission an external specialist evaluation of the project/programme, towards the end of Year 3 and report/present findings and recommendations to VC (A requirement for all multi-annual projects)


• BSc/MSc in Physiotherapy

• 3+ years of post-qualification experience in varied settings

• Excellent communications skills

• Ability to write up detailed reports

• Ability to adjust to new environments and cultures

• Ability to work with a wide range of people in a respectful and collaborative manner

• Experience in mentoring / supervising

• Good understanding of development issues in Uganda Living Conditions: Modest with all facilities. Conditions of Service A 12 month contract, volunteer allowances and accommodation.

Job Keywords/tags:
Volunteer, Overseas Development, Special Needs, Uganda, Physiotherapist, Specialist
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