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How to Access a Physiotherapist?

If you’re in need of physiotherapy treatment while you are in hospital, the physiotherapist will typically be made aware that you need physiotherapy and come and see you on the ward or treat you in a dedicated Physiotherapy Department. If you are not in hospital you may be referred to a Chartered Physiotherapist by your G.P. or hospital consultant, but you can also make an appointment for yourself if you believe you are suffering from a condition that requires the intervention of a Physiotherapist.
When choosing a physiotherapist it is important to make sure that they are Chartered (they will have MISCP after their name). Chartered Physiotherapists are autonomous practitioners which means that you can directly access their services and refer yourself for treatment, however to access treatment within the public system you will usually require a doctor’s referral.
Chartered Physiotherapy services are reimbursable under the health insurance products offered by private health insurance companies such as Aviva, Laya, VHI, Glo Health. Check your policy information to find out if physiotherapy is included in your cover.
You may also be eligible to claim tax relief for your physiotherapy treatments using the Med 1 form (Note: Prior G.P. referral may be required)
Occupational Health Schemes
Some employers run occupational health schemes for their employees that may include physiotherapy. Check with your human resources or personnel department to see if you are eligible. Larger organisations often have an in-house physio while smaller businesses may use the services of a local physiotherapy service.
There is good evidence that occupational physiotherapy is cost-effective for large and small businesses. If you are an employer or manager, find out more about how physiotherapy can help:
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Offer additional business benefits

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