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Patient Suffering with Incontinence

Patient Suffering with Incontinence - Helen Devaney's Story

My name is Helen and I suffered from incontinence for many years, from after childbirth and when I reached the menopause it got much worse.  When I got the urge to go, I had to go now, in the house or away from home.  I had many accidents.  I knew all the stops on the road from home to Dublin and Tipperary when nature called, farmer`s fields a popular choice nettles and all.  The word journey started me off before I even left home.

Public loo`s were a disaster always a que, accident waiting to happen.  Then you hear the next person saying why is she taking so long, I had to change into dry under ware.  I sometimes felt that there was an odour from me and my confidence went rock bottom.

I asked my GP to refer me to a gynaecologist, who then referred me to Aoife. When I got to Aoife I had urinary incontinence and a bowel problem.  She told me that I was not the worst case she had seen but certainly not the best, 'I can help you but it will be a long road' she said.  At last I had met someone who understood my problems, this lady has become my savour, the light at the start of the long tunnel.  Through Aoife`s guidance she taught me things, small changes at first made a big difference.  She taught me so much about and how to deal with my problems.

1    EXERCISE: she gave me all the information in a clear and understanding way, phone call follow up and I could call her if I had any difficulty.

2    How to sit properly sit on the toilet.

3    Bowel and bladder re-training.

4    Diet; Foods that trigger the bladder.

5    Drinking fluids.

6    Pelvic floor exercises with the help of neuro-tech vital equipment

Aoife is my physio and has also become my friend, she has understood my problems her patience and professionalism is very reassuring.  The advice she gave me about little aids that have made my life better. Thank you Aoife

- Helen Devaney