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Why Become Chartered?

Obtaining your Physiotherapy qualification is a great personal achievement, and it is the entry point to what we hope will be a long and rewarding professional career. As a professional Physiotherapist, you will continue to develop, broaden and enhance your Physiotherapy skills and knowledge throughout your career.

Key Reasons to Become Chartered:


1. Wide Range of Benefits: ISCP members enjoy many benefits including access to Continuing Professional Development opportunities (CPD), an online CPD portfolio, an excellent professional indemnity insurance scheme, and membership of the state-approved designated authority for the physiotherapy profession. 

2. Safety & Dignity: As a Chartered Physiotherapist, you are assuring your service users and potential service users of your qualifications and expertise, along with demonstrating respect and consideration for their safety and dignity. Chartered Physiotherapists adhere to the highest standards of practice and service, and set the benchmark for professional Physiotherapy practice in Ireland.

3. Excellent Networking: Choosing Chartered provides the opportunity for practitioners to develop wide-reaching, beneficial and influential professional networks which can help shape their career. 

4. Commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Becoming a Chartered Physiotherapist is a mark of your commitment to the continuing development of your professional expertise and ethical practise, which gives you a competitive advantage over non-Chartered Physiotherapists. 

5. Dedication to the Advancement of Physiotherapy: Physiotherapists who become Chartered demonstrate full engagement with the profession and a dedication to the development and advancement of physiotherapy. Being a Chartered Physiotherapist provides practitioners with the opportunity to contribute to the growth, change and development of their own professional landscape, and influence the progression and advancement of the profession. 

6. Inbuilt Quality Assurance Mark: Chartered status for qualified physiotherapists provides a real competitive advantage in the professional marketplace by offering a quality assurance mark for the public, patients/service users, employers and organisations.


Why Join the ISCP? 

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists is recognised by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy as the sole authoritative body for physiotherapy/ physical therapy in Ireland. ISCP members have access to a wide range of professional supports and services. 


Become a Member

The Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP) is the sole designated authority acting with the approval of the Minister for Health and Children for the validation of the qualification of Physiotherapy in the Republic of Ireland.