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How can I make a donation to the Benevolent Fund at this time?

Thank you for considering a donation to the Benevolent Fund – the only fund for physiotherapists funded by physiotherapists.

The Benevolent Fund Trustees fully recognise the serious implications that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on members;  on physical health – e.g. getting the virus, having a family member who is vulnerable or ill, - e.g. mental health such as social isolation, financial concerns, family worries, closing practices etc.  Any or all of these can have a devastating effect on members’ livelihoods.

The Trustees will endeavour to assist as many members as possible from within the existing funds but believe that the needs arising from these extraordinary times will be great. In their effort to provide help for as many members as possible (through its totally confidential service), they are making an urgent plea for donations. The Trustees are appealing to members who are in a position to contribute to assist colleagues, during this pandemic collegiality has never been more vital.

If you would like to make a donation, you can make it directly into the Benevolent Fund account via electronic bank transfer.  Details are available on the Benevolent Fund section of the website

Your support for colleagues is deeply appreciated.


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