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Members Groups

The Society has 17 Professional Networks to support you in your career. Each Network focuses on a key area of physiotherapy practice and is led by a volunteer committee that focuses on each networks members need.

Employment Groups

The Society has 3 Employment Groups:
Private Practice

Support at each stage

Your Society

Your Society

Learn more about your Society structure and how we operate.

Professional Development

Professional Development

CPD is an integral part of physiotherapy practice. Learn more about planning your professional development and about activities and upcoming events to meet your CPD goals.

Professional Practice

Professional Practice

The Professional Practice Unit (PPU) provides guidance and support to all members. The PPU is the ‘Go To’ service when you have a concern about your practice, or going through a difficult process or time.

Member News and Publications

Member News and Publications

Stay up to date with all the latest news for members.

Inventory of Documents

Looking for a specific Society document? Search our inventory of documents. READ MORE

Member Benefits

As an ISCP member, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. READ MORE


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Supporting Research

Research Network

Research Network

The ISCP Research Network links physiotherapy practitioners and researchers to answer questions and disseminate discoveries that can be applied to improve practice

Glennon Research Bursary

Glennon Research Bursary

The Glennon Bursary aims to encourage, support and facilitate ISCP members research activity

Membership FAQs
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Let us answer your questions

How do I change my address?

Changing your address is very simple and can be done directly online through your member dashboard. Changing address might also mean you change your branch. This will be flagged with you once you make an address change

How do I update my employment details?

If your work details change during the year you can update this on your member dashboard under ‘work details’

How do I update my find a physio directory listing?

To update your directory listing log on to the member dashboard and update your listing and your conditions treated list under the ‘find a physio directory’ section

Can I get a new membership certificate?

Your membership certificate is now stored on your dashboard. Access your dashboard and print off a new certificate here

Can I pay for my membership by Direct Debit?

Full practising membership can be paid by direct debit. However, this option is only available until the 14th of August in a membership year. You must complete the direct debit mandate and submit it to the ISCP Office before we can approve your membership. Members who paid by direct debit previously will be required to complete the online renewal process and tick the box to continue paying by this method as you can no longer be automatically rolled over.
Direct debit payments will be processed on the first Friday of each month between September and June.

PLEASE NOTE: All subscription payments for Clinical Interest and Employment Groups must be paid in full upfront online and cannot be included with the direct debit payment.

Am I eligible for the graduate upgrade discount?

If you are an ISCP student member and have recently graduated you are eligible for a reduced rate of membership for the first three years of membership after graduation. The reduced fee is €212, saving you €108 per year. This rate is only available to ISCP student members who upgrade to practising membership.