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Who we are

Welcome to CPPP, an employment group of ISCP, representing chartered physiotherapists working in private practice in Ireland.

If you are visiting a chartered physiotherapist for the first time you may expect:

  • To provide information regarding your past and present medical history
  • To have an assessment of your posture and how you move
  • To get to the root cause of your pain/injury
  • To receive hands-on or manual therapy
  • To wear comfortable clothing for ease of examination and movement
  • To be given an individually designed Home Exercise Programme
  • To be given advice re sport, lifestyle, posture, ergonomics etc.
  • To have a range of techniques used to optimise your individual treatment plan
  • To be treated respectfully and safely

If you have any queries please contact our administrator Clare Grimes Dooley at [email protected]


  • CPPP is where you will “FindaPhysio” an easy way to access the contact details of state registered chartered physiotherapists all over Ireland.
  • Members of CPPP will have full contact details available, non-members only have their name listed.
  • CPPP strives to promote the “Findaphysio” register on behalf of its members, as well as producing the annual booklet that is sent to all GPs and Consultants around the country.



  • Represents and lobbies for chartered physiotherapists in private practice at governmental and corporate level
  • Provides templates and support documents for setting up and being in private practice
  • Provides an active network of support 
  • Promotes chartered physiotherapy to the public and insurance industry 
  • Keeps members updated on relevant issues at a national and international level
  • Maintains and nurtures links with national and international organisations
  • Facilitates knowledge and information sharing
  • Hosts free annual conference  to further educate members in business and clinical areas 
  • CPPP have a business agreement with Physiofirst in the UK allowing each member to avail of their member rates to their conferences as well as provision of Physiofirst’s quarterly In Touch magazine to all CPPP members


  • To join this group you must be a member of the ISCP.
  • If you are a member, please log in.


The CPPP members site is where you will find information and resources that help you to operate and manage your private practice in the most effective way possible.



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