Chartered Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals in International Health and Development

Welcome to the Chartered Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals in International Health and Development Interest Group (CPIHD)

Chartered Physiotherapists and Healthcare Professionals in International Health and Development - ISCPHi A

Who we are

CPIHD is an ISCP group for health professionals with an interest in the area of international health and development. The majority of the group is comprised of physiotherapists, but membership is also open to CORU-registered HSCPs who are registered with their respective regulatory bodies in order to reflect the multidisciplinary collaboration commonly seen in this field. International health includes working with migrants in Ireland, working in low-resource settings overseas, global health priorities and inclusion health, amongst other topics.

The group was launched in 2018 and is currently chaired by Naomi O'Reilly, with the vice-chair position held by Dr Cliona O'Sullivan. The group currently has over 100 members, with representation from physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and dietetics.

What we do

The group aims to be a resource for knowledge sharing, networking and advocacy for members and interested parties. Support is offered to students and professionals with an interest in volunteering or working in the area of international health through sharing resources, educational events and access to skills and support within the network from fellow members. CPIHD act to raise the profile of the work of physiotherapists and healthcare professionals working in international health within the ISCP and other professional organisations, as well as nationally and internationally. The group also promotes the importance of professional and personal development for members when preparing to travel overseas, whilst overseas and upon their return.

To achieve these aims, CPIHD organise a variety of events, including networking evenings and study days, while the CPIHD website has a library of useful resources and publications for members.

Benefits of being a member

CPIHD members are added to a mailing list and receive updates from within the group and international health sector, as well as first notice about upcoming group events. Each event is offered a reduced rate to members, with many free of charge. Previous events have included:

  • A study evening with returned professionals who have worked overseas in low-income countries on a mixture of a short- and long-term basis
  • A networking evening focusing on working with migrants in Ireland
  • Annual study day entitled Rehab in Migrant Populations
  • Study evening looking at psychological trauma in Syrian refugees

Members also have access to the group's wider network, with a range of expertise from a variety of backgrounds from professionals in different disciplines. In addition to the resources available on the CPIHD website, members have a vast quantity of knowledge sources to supplement their interest in international health and development.

Join Us

  • CPIHD membership is open to physiotherapists working outside Ireland and other health professionals. To view the criteria and join now visit
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