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World PT day


Chronic pain is a significant global health burden – with low back pain causing more disability than any other condition. The role of physiotherapists in helping people with chronic pain to take control of their condition, increase their activity, and improve their quality of life is the theme of this year’s World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September 2019.


‘World Physiotherapy Day 2018 Physiotherapy and Mental Health’ - Physiotherapy and Social Farming

By Gráinne Flannery BSc Physiotherapy, MISCP

Physical activity is good for the body but it can also help improve mental health and wellbeing. Get active, stay active is the key message from physiotherapists for this year’s World Physiotherapy Day on 8 September 2018.

Did you know?

• 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health issue of some sort during their lifetime

• 1 in 6 people are likely to have had mental health issues in the past seven days


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Every year, World Physiotherapy Day is an opportunity for physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about their crucial role in keeping people of all ages active.

The campaign message of World Physiotherapy Day 2017 is “Physical activity for life”. The message builds on World Health Organization recommendations for moderate and vigorous activity, and a range of research and reports showing the benefits of physical activity in maintaining health in people of all ages.

Physiotherapists can help older people to be independent, improving quality of life and reducing health care costs. This is the message from the Chartered Physiotherapists across Ireland as they prepare to take part in World Physiotherapy Day on 8th September 2016.

Thanks to my Physio Campaign 2015

The ISCP is delighted to be taking part in World Physiotherapy Day (WPD) on this coming September 8th 2015. The day is an opportunity for Chartered Physiotherapists from all over the world to raise awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes to keeping people well, mobile and independent.

Press Release

Members of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists will join physiotherapists around the world to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day today (8th September 2014).

The theme of World Physiotherapy Day for 2014 is ‘Fit to take part’ which highlights the role which physiotherapists play in helping people with long-term illnesses or disabilities to become independent and fulfil their potential.

One such person is Katie O Brien.