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HSE HSCP Education + Development Unit Funded Courses

Each year the HSE Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) Office offer CPD funding to the health and social care professions to deliver training and education to publicly funded staff. This funding is applied for, awarded to and distributed by the relevant professional bodies, including AOTI, INDI, IASW, SCI, IICMS, IIRRT, IASLT, AMLS and SCPI.  The funding is designed to meet the learning needs of staff in publicly funded orgaizations. This includes HSE hospitals, PCC or voluntary bodies/organizatoins that are in receipt of HSE funding.  

One of the key objectives of the HSCP Office is to ensure mechanisms are in place for continuing professional development (CPD) for HSCP with the overall aim of ensuring that these professionals have access to the development opportunities required to deliver high quality health and social services.  Any funding received will be used to support continuing professional development for your profession in line with the HSCP Education + Development Unit objectives and criteria set out below 

Please note that as places at HSCP funded events are in high demand places are offered on a prioritised basis dependent on relevance to your practice and caseload and take into account a number of factors which includes regional spread.

The EOI application includes current grade, work setting, work location and motivation as to how attendance at the training will benefit the service user, the service, the organisation and your professional practice.

Accepting an offer at one HSCP funded event will result in future applications being added as waitlist applications for other events.

Please note you do not need to be an ISCP member to apply for a course place.

Approved Courses for 2021

The ISCP are delighted to announce the following HSCP courses have been approved for 2021. More details will be provided in the coming weeks in relation to dates and application guidelines

At this stage the following courses will be scheduled in 2021:

  • Arterial Puncture and Blood Gas Analysis - EOI OPEN
  • A Practical Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation - EOI OPEN
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Assessment and Management of Dysfunctional Breathing - Paediatrics
  • Optimisation of Exercise Assessment and Prescription in Older Adults or Individuals at Risk for Functional (Physical and Cognitive) Decline
  • Inclusion Health - The Role of HSCPs in Supporting Marginalised Populations in Ireland - Interdisciplinary
  • Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Using Telehealth

Title, Dates, Presenters 

Learning Outcomes 

Arterial Puncture and Blood Gas Analysis

Date: 4th June

Time: 8h30-16h00

Delivery: Online

There will be two deliveries of this course in 2021 - 4th June and 1st September
EOI for attendance on 4th June is now open

Presenters Details: 
M&K is regarded as a leading provider of credible and up to date short courses for all health care professionals. They offer evidence-based training in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe.

Learning Outcomes:

Arterial puncture:

  • Site selection
  • Review of infection control aspects
  • Inaccuracies and complications
  • Arterial puncture procedure
  • Getting it right, dangers and complications
  • Practical workshop - technique & theory assessment
  • Legal and professional responsibilities

Blood gas interpretation:

  • Arterial blood gases metabolic and respiratory acidosis and alkalosis
  • Step by step guide to ABG result Interpretation
  • The ABG result and its impact on diagnosis and treatment rationale

Expression of interest application to be completed on event page 

Expression of Interest applications close at 9am on Friday 7th May

Cost to secure your place €30.00. Payment due by Monday 17th May. Late payments will not be accepted.

A Practical Guide to Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Dates and Times:

18th June | 9h00-15h30
and 19th June | 9h00-15h00

Delivery: Online

Presenter details: The course will be delivered by a core team of three (details included). Consultants, Nurses and additional Physiotherapists will be joining for select online sessions.

Brenda Deering, Eimear Ward and Maeve Sorohan

Learning Outcomes:

  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of a patient with COPD (to include staging and grading of disease, breathlessness assessment, oxygen assessment and inhaler technique)
  • Triage appropriate patients to community pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Understand the principles of exercise testing and prescription (strength and aerobic)
  • Develop an individualized exercise programme

Expression of Interest applications can be completed on the event page 

Expression of Interest applications close at 9am on Friday 14th May

Cost to secure your place €50.00. Payment due by Monday 24th May. Late payments will not be accepted

Cardiac Rehabilitation 

Dates: TBC 

Delivery: Online 

Presenter details: This course will be delivered by a specialist cardiac physiotherapist, a consultant cardiologist and a consultant respiratory physician.

Karen Cradock, Dr Deirdre Waterhouse, Dr. Trevor Nicholson


Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of heart disease
  • Be able to risk stratify this population
  • Complete a functional exercise test
  • Establish special considerations within the heart failure and long COVID populations
  • Establish a safe and effective exercise intervention within this population including the implications for patients with Heart
  • Failure and the long COVID syndrome

Aims & Objectives:

  • To understand the aetiology of heart disease
  • To Establish the principles of exercise testing in the cardiac population
  • Identify high risk groups within this population
  • Understand the differences in aetiologies for specialist populations within this population including heart failure, diabetes, heart transplant & long COVID syndrome.
  • Develop and design an exercise programme for this population adjusting for comorbidities and cardiac risk
    Presenters Detail

Assessment and Management of Dysfunctional Breathing - Paediatrics

Dates: TBC

Delivery: ONLINE

Presenters: This course will be delivered by a team of 3 expert paediatric physiotherapists, from different specialist centres in England.

Dr Nicki Barker, Claire Hepworth and Charlotte Wells

Learning Outcomes: 

  • A holistic view of Dysfunctional Breathing (DB)
  • The relationship of DB with key conditions such as asthma
  • Confidence and assessment skills of DB in children and young people
  • Confidence and management skills of DB in children and young people
  • Practical knowledge, tips and techniques that aid assessment, diagnosis, and management in a range of ages and abilities

The course will cover in detail:

  • Diagnostic and pre-treatment considerations,
  • Methods for assessing the condition
  • Formulations
  • Treatment strategies
  • Suitable outcome measures.

Optimization of exercise assessment and prescription in older adults or individuals at risk for functional (physical and cognitive) decline

Dates: TBC

Delivery: ONLINE

Presenters: Dr Brendan Egan and Dr James Timmons 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of exercise assessment and prescription and modifications of exercise in older adults and individuals at risk of functional (physical and cognitive) decline
  • Explore and develop an understanding of the multiple elements of exercise principles
  • Develop an understanding of muscle health (muscle quality) in older adults and individuals at risk for functional (physical and cognitive) decline
  • Be familiar with the best evidence-based practice in older adults and individuals at risk
  • Develop an understanding on the interaction with nutrition
  • Develop an understanding on skeletal muscle health and function across chronic illnesses
  • Explore outcomes in relation to skeletal muscle quality and function

Inclusion Health: The Role of Health and Social Care Professionals in Supporting Marginalised Populations in Ireland

Dates: TBC

Delivery: ONLINE


Tony Quilty, HSE National Social Inclusion Office
Julie Broderick, Physiotherapy, Trinity College Dublin
Dr Clíona Ní Cheallaigh, Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, and Department of General Medicine and Infectious Diseases, St James's Hospital
Cliona O’Sullivan, Physiotherapy, University College Dublin
Sinéad Kiernan and Mark McGovern, Physiotherapy Department, St. James Hospital
Sharon Lambert, University College Cork, School of Applied Psychology
Representative, Primary Health Care for Travellers Project
Brigid Quirke, Lead researcher, All Ireland Traveller Health Study, UCD
Bulelani Mfaco, Movement of Asylum Seekers in Ireland
Representative from Irish Red Cross Refugee Programme
Eoin O’Shea, Psychologist Irish Red Cross Immigration Project

Learning Outcomes:

The proposed CPD activity will:

  • Raise awareness of Inclusion Health policy in Ireland
  • Equip HSCPs working across acute and primary care settings, with the knowledge and skills to work with vulnerable and marginalised groups within an inclusion health model.
  • Increase awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by marginalised populations in Ireland in accessing health care and different mechanisms to increase their participation in services through service user involvement and service development
  • Strengthen knowledge of integrated care pathways and joint ways of HSCP working to support marginalised populations in accessing and participating in health care

Learning outcomes: 

  • Have an understanding of intercultural and human rights-based healthcare
  • Recognise challenges facing marginalised populations in Ireland in accessing health care services
  • Have an understanding of the need to identify and engage with relevant stakeholders to ensure service-user involvement in service planning and development
  • Have an understanding of continual changing needs and opportunities to improve services for marginalised populations
  • Understand the role of multidisciplinary work in ensuring high quality and integrated health care services for marginalised populations in Ireland.

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation Using Telehealth

Dates: Commences 11th October 
           Run over 8 weeks 

Delivery: ONLINE

Presenter: Siobhan O’ Reilly Bracken MISCP MPA MSc-Sports CLT has over 30 years of experience in physical rehabilitation. She founded The O’ Reilly Centre for Lymphedema, Cancer Rehab and Sports in 2006. She graduated from University College Dublin in 1982 with a Diploma in Physiotherapy, in 1998 from New York University’s Wagner School of Public Administration and in 2011 from University College Dublin with a MSc in Sports Physiotherapy. Siobhan is a Certified Pink Ribbon Program Instructor and A Certified Lymphedema Therapist.

Learning Outcomes

  • An overview of cancer of the breast
  • An overview of breast cancer treatments and the general and specific side effects relevant to physical rehabilitation
  • The specific physiotherapy skills for breast cancer rehab including:
  • Online physiotherapy assessment – subjective and objective measures for clinical decision making, for evaluation of treatment outcomes and for surveillance throughout survivorship.
  • Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL) – clinical practice guidelines for measuring and detecting arm lymphedema, fitting compression sleeves, teaching patients how to reduce their risks of BCRL and cellulitis and how to teach patients their self-MLD sequences.
  • Therapeutic exercise – the correct timing and progression of postoperative exercises to recover shoulder and chest issues post lymph node surgery, lumpectomy, mastectomy, bilateral mastectomy and reconstructions.
  • Radiation fibrosis – teaching patients how to mobilise radiated tissues
  • Cancer related fatigue (CRF) – assessing it and teaching patients evidenced based self-management for better QOL
  • Young breast cancer women’s issues – assessing issues and guiding younger patients to useful resources early e.g., women’s health physiotherapy
  • Physical Activity training- starting patients on the evidenced based 12-week breast cancer walking program to achieve significant health benefits.



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