Online CPD Portfolio

Record and plan your CPD activity

Engaging in CPD activities is an integral part of maintaining clinical competence and career advancement. Your CPD portfolio is a valuable tool in proving your compliance with the regulator’s requirements. As an ISCP member you have access to a custom built online CPD portfolio that allows you to plan and document your professional development, no matter where you are.

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What does the CPD portfolio provide?

Features of the new portfolio include:

  • An area to store all your certificates, journal articles and physical evidence in a soft copy. This means that you will now be able to print out/email your evidence when you need it no matter where you are, so no more rooting around in shoeboxes!
  • An area to upload reflections on courses, critical clinical incidents and moments of learning so that you can look back on them and use them to enhance your practice.
  • An area to plan your development and document your learning needs and goals for improvement so that you can approach the activities you undertake in a more strategic and targeted fashion.
  • The new portfolio is accessible on mobile devices, meaning you can quickly create an activity record on the move and come back to it later to either reflect or add more evidence of learning.
  • Printable Reports designed to specifically support you in presenting your CPD, whether it is for a job interview, performance review or an audit.